Download Google Docs App, Google Sheets App for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad) Devices

Google Drive app is already available for both Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices. Google Drive until now was good for some basic document editing functionality. Google went forward and released official dedicated apps for Google Docs and Google Sheets. Both of the new Google Docs app and Google Sheets app are available as free downloads on both platforms. The company is soon going to release a dedicated app for Google Slides too. With the launch of the new apps, Google seems to be in a better place to compete with its rival Microsoft’s Office app for Android and iOS.

The launch of dedicated apps, the company is breaking out of the single Google Drive app. This approach has its own added benefits. Google Docs for instance may get more powerful with more functions. Google Sheets will handle all the worksheets that you may want to edit or create while you are on the move. Once, Google Slides app is out, you will be able to handle all the presentations. This will also make Google Drive work faster as it will have to only take care of the file storage. Google Drive may become lighter in download size as all the extra codes present for document edit functions may get removed from it. If you don’t download the new apps now, Google Drive will prompt you to download them in a next few days, when you try to edit or create a document or spreadsheet in your Google Drive app.

Just like its rival apps released by Microsoft for both the platforms, these new apps will work in offline mode. The changes will store all data locally and once you are online, everything gets synced to Google’s servers. Thus document creation and editing will be hassle free. The apps will also be more useful than Drive app, which has some limitation when you work offline. If you are wondering what will happen to Google Drive app, well Google is not going to abandon it. You can still use Google Drive to view and organize all of your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos and more.

Although, the apps are not as feature rich as Microsoft Office for iPad, but for some basic needs you can use them. The apps are free and the size of the apps are also not very heavy.

Download Google Docs App and Google Sheets App

Download Google Docs App for Android, for iOS devices

Download Google Sheets App for Android, for iOS devices.

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