Customize Windows 8 Lock Screen Using TuneUp IncrediLock

Are you bored with the default images offered by Windows 8 for its Lock Screen? You can always browse through your wallpaper collection and customize Windows 8 lock screen. There’s a freeware Windows 8 App available which does the job for you. TuneUp IncrediLock is a freeware Windows 8 App which comes with a huge collection of nearly 400 images, which you can use to customize the Lock Screen wallpaper in Windows 8.

Apart from the usual huge collection of Lock Screen images, but the app also has a pretty neat trick up its sleeve. The app makes the Lock Screen more useful through the use of widgets, beyond simply showing the time. At the time of writing, TuneUp IncrediLock app has only one useful widget available for use but the developer plans to add a picture frame, calendar and a weather widget soon. You can use the Sticky Notes widget for quick reminders, to-do lists, etc. The addition of useful widgets might make you change your mind if you have disabled Windows 8 Lock Screen.


The huge collection of Windows 8 Lock Screen images are neatly categorized in different categories based on the type of the image. You will be able to choose images from, such as, Animals, Around the Globe, Comic and Art, Nature, Technology. All images are of high quality and are of 1280 and higher resolution.

How To Use TuneUp IncrediLock app?

After you have installed TuneUp IncrediLock app from the Windows Store (download link at the end of the post). Launch the app from the tile created by the app in the Windows 8 Start Screen. You will see two links, namely, wallpapers and the sticky note widget. When you click on wallpapers and you can see the image categories. Select the category of images you want and you can then click on any wallpaper to set it as your new Lock Screen picture.


If you want to use the Sticky Note widget, you need to go back to the homepage of the app. Edit the contents of the Sticky Note widget. Tick mark on the check box which says “Display my note on the lock screen” to display the note on the Lock Screen.

Download the TuneUp IncrediLock app from Windows Store

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