Disney’s Maleficent Free Fall Available For Download From Windows Store, Windows Phone Store

Do you or your kids love the games released by Disney? Without doubt almost all the puzzle games released by Disney are very enjoyable both for kids and grown-ups. The games inspired by Disney’s movies are good too. Last time, when Disney released the movie Frozen, it came up with a puzzle game titled Frozen Free Fall inspired by the movie itself. It’s still available for download from the Windows Store. Now, Disney came up with a new game inspired by the upcoming epic live-action film Maleficent. Best of all, the game aptly titled Maleficent Free Fall is available for free from the Windows Store and from the Windows Phone Store!

Maleficent Free Fall

Just like Frozen Free Fall, you will find Maleficent Free Fall offers a similar type of match-3 fun game but with a “dark” twist. In the game, you start playing as young Maleficent. Your epic journey begins and as you progress you will go through the map and explore the untold story. You also got to unlock Diaval, the raven and discover other mysterious surprises.

Download Maleficent Free Fall

The game play is simple. You need to switch and slide the board of enchanted gemstones and create matches of 3 or more. When a match is found, it triggers cascading combos and conquer original goals. As Maleficent, you got the opportunity to use green magic to instantly vanish the same color gemstones.

If you are in trouble, you can also call upon Diaval. Diaval will swoop down and rearrange the board, or cast tendrils of thorns to clear entire row and columns. As you continue your epic journey through the game, you will unlock more unique power-ups. You will also experience the fierce desire of Maleficent for revenge.

The game is full of fun as you continue playing it solving the puzzle. Can’t wait anymore?

Download Maleficent Free Fall From Windows Store For Windows 8.1

Download Maleficent Free Fall From Windows Phone Store For Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1

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