Wiser Simple Launcher Simplifies Android For Everyone

The world is moving faster towards something which is dependent on technology. With all the latest Internet of Things stuff, digital wearable, smartphones, smart devices, and basically everything that is turning smart even if we don’t need all those smartness. Anyway, all these changes are making simple things into a complicated one. Instead of making it easier for people to use them everything is getting all complicated. Every now or then a new smartphone (mostly built on Android platform) gets released that’s slightly better than the smartphone released before it. We don’t know when all the madness of building a smartphone that will have everything, even stuff we don’t even use will stop. Looking at the huge growing market of smartphones, manufacturers are shifting their interest on them instead of simple classic phones. This is making it very difficult for people looking for a phone that basically does what a phone should do. Answering calls and sending or receiving messages. There are still many people who don’t want a smartphone but due to the lack of classic phones they buy a smartphone. Once they start using the smartphone, they see fancy icons all over the screen and hundreds of settings that confuses them more. If you are a person who falls into this category, here’s something that may change the way you use your smartphone, basically if you have an Android smartphone. Wiser – Simple launcher is your friendly launcher that lets you enjoy your Android smartphone.

What is a launcher? Well, according to Wikipedia, “a launcher presents the main view of the device and is responsible for starting other apps and hosting live widgets.” Wiser is an alternative to your default Android launcher that was installed by the manufacturer of your Android smartphone. Wiser simple launcher is designed keeping people who are looking for simplicity. People who are not so tech-savvy or senior members of the society and more. Wiser simple launcher focuses only on basics functions like calling, messaging, contacts, camera, photo gallery, and some selected Android apps.

Wiser – Simple Launcher

Let’s uncomplicated technology for you! To use Wiser launcher you need to first install it. Simply, open Google Play Store app on your Android device and search for Wiser. Click on the Wiser icon and install it on your device.


After installation, press the home button and your phone will ask which launcher you want to keep as default. Select Wiser simple launcher to keep it as default.


As you can see in the screenshot above, Wiser launcher offers a very basic look with large icons. Something which is surely going to be loved by users looking for simplicity. If you are a power user of Android who tweaks their smartphone inside out may not like it. But it doesn’t want you to like it. Wiser launcher is basically developed for a select group of users. Users who are not comfortable with smartphones or with Android or just want to use basic functions of the phone.

The home screen of Wiser launcher is fixed and you cannot change it. The home screen holds quick access icons to find contacts, a dialer, messages, camera, photo and video gallery and access the list of installed apps. Two additional pages lets you access favourite contacts and the other page where you can add app short-cuts. At first launch, the two pages are empty. You need to manually select your favourite contacts and apps and fill them up.

The large icons for quick access are not the only thing that changes. Wiser simple launcher for Android changes the look of phone notifications, missed events, contacts list, phone dialer. All the big icons cannot let you do anything stupid. The new minimal simple look improves readability and usage of different Android functions. If you have some form of disability when reading small text, this launcher is surely going to help you a lot. After using Wiser launcher, you surely won’t miss your old classic phone that had big buttons with a tiny screen. And who knows, you may start embracing technology in your life.

Wiser launcher for Android is perfect for novice or someone who is new to smartphone world, but not limited to that user group only. Anyone who may be looking for a new type of launcher should try Wiser simple launcher. Unlike other launchers available for Android, Wiser launcher is not very heavy. At just 5.0 MB of download you can easily download it on any Android 4.0 and up smartphones. And, did we mention that you get Wise simple launcher is completely free!

Download Wise Simple Launcher From Google Play Store.

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