IObit AMC Security (Aka Advanced Mobile Care) Android App Review

Any platform that becomes popular also becomes the most targeted one. Be it the popular Windows platform or the popular smartphone platform Android. There have been many reports in the past of malicious Android apps targeting unsuspecting users. The smartphone industry has grown exponentially but the amount of awareness about security is very low. Even the official Google Play store was not safe and that is the reason Google started scanning apps. With millions of apps available for install it is very tempting to install new apps without giving any second thought to it. Installing new apps mindlessly not only puts your security at risk it can also slow down your phone. Often times the apps that you uninstall from the device it keeps behind many junk files and other useless data, thus impacting your device’s performance. IObit has come up with a solution to all these problems by releasing AMC Security (aka Advanced Mobile Care).



AMC Security is an all-in-one security and tune-up app that offers a lot of functions. AMC Security app features real-time Antivirus, Anti-Phishing, One-Touch Scan, Task Killer, Game Booster, Security Zone, Surfing Protection, Payment Protection, Call & SMS blocker, Battery Saver, Privacy Locker, and App Manager.

In brief description of each function, the real-time antivirus protection keeps your device safe from malicious apps, trojans, spyware, etc. One-Touch scan keeps your Android phone in optimized condition by cleaning junk files, left over files, cache files, etc. Task Killer kills memory hogging apps to free up RAM and boost performance. Game Booster is designed to improve your gaming experience. The Security Zone gives you a glimpse of security by letting you fix risky settings related to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Debug mode. It also detects insecure Wi-Fi network or a fake hotspot and warns you about them. With Surfing Protection, AMC Security warns you if a malicious URL is detected and provides a safe surfing environment. It works only with the default Android browser or Chrome for Android browser.

AMC Security Pro includes Payment Protection, Privacy Locker, and Anti-Phishing. The Payment Protection is a unique feature that identifies malicious apps that tries to trick you in paying. The Anti-Phishing function provides real-time protection from malware infected, malicious and phishing websites. Privacy Locker keeps your private data secure in a vault. But take caution while using the vault as uninstalling AMC Security without first taking your data out of the vault may cause loss of data.



You can install AMC Security either from the Google Play Store or side load it from the official homepage. When you are side loading the app, make sure you download and install the correct AMC Security APK file that is compatible with the Android version your device runs on. As it is a security app the long list of permissions is expected. The permissions are necessary so it can get access to all of your phone data to protect it and take control over the security of your device. When you launch the app for the first time, it will walk you through the important functions it provides.


Scan, Booster, Security and More


Whenever you launch the app, you are greeted with a big circular “Scan” button. You will also see “Booster” and “Security” buttons below it. Scan is a quick way to optimize your device by removing junk files. The amount of space you will recover after the cleanup process depends on how much you use your device. You have two options for scan, “Smart scan” and “Deep scan”. Smart scan lets you clean all the running apps, cache junk, privacy records and useless APK files. Deep scan will let you clean junk files, big files and residual files. Take caution when you use Deep scan function.


Like us, if you consider yourself a “power” user, you will surely be surprised at the amount of space you recovered after completing the process. As with any system utility app, the scanner is powerful too. So we always recommended that you go through the list of files before deleting them. You may not want to feel sorry after accidentally deleting something that may be important for you. After you are satisfied with the scan results, tap on the “Clean” button. Let the app clean up all the junk files or any unneeded files from your device and give it a performance boost.


Booster and Hibernate

The Booster function removes all the apps from RAM to free up device memory. Hibernate is a manual function that shows all the running apps. When you click on an app to hibernate it, AMC Security takes you to the Settings page of the app where you can “Force Stop” it. The next option is “Game Speeder” that optimizes your Android smartphone for gaming. If you have a powerful device you may not notice anything at all using any of the Booster functions.

Game Booster

If your Android smartphone is under-powered you can take advantage of this function to play your favorite game smoothly. Since we never faced any performance issue when we played games on them so we cannot really vouch for this function.

Side note: There have been debates about if you really need a memory booster app or not. Android is pretty good at memory management itself. Sometimes using a memory cleaner or memory booster function can actually slow down the device for a few moments after it completes the cleanup process. We are not going into the technical reasons behind this but we will recommend users not to use the Booster function.


AMC Security uses antivirus engine by AVL to scan your device. The real-time scanner protects your device from malicious apps and malware. If it detects any suspicious app or file, it warns you about it. You can also manually scan your device for malware using the “Scan Now” button.



The anti-theft function will lock your device if it is stolen or lost. You can also use the alarm function to find your lost device. To use this function, you are required to send a message with “alarm#” and your anti-theft password from any other device. You can also wipe your data remotely to protect your private data from falling into some others hand.

App Manager

The App Manager lets you see an overview of all installed apps. You can use it to batch uninstall apps easily. It also lets you manage APK files saved on your device.


Battery Saver

The Battery Saver function shows you an overview of apps which uses more battery juice. It also shows the current battery information. It also lets you configure various settings like brightness, Wi-Fi, mobile data, etc. so it can save battery power.


AMC Security (aka Advanced Mobile) Care packs lots of functions in one app. It is not a “jack of all trades good for none” kind of app. It is actually a very good app for any Android user. The fact that you are getting almost all functions related to security and optimization for free earns itself a plus point from us. Leaving aside a few hiccups, AMC Security is a recommended app for Android users. If you want the pro functions you can always upgrade through in-app purchase or from official IObit store page. You can download AMC Security from Google Play Store.

Advanced Mobile Care 5 Giveaway

IObit generously provided us with 30 AMC Pro license keys valid for one-month subscription to giveaway. The rules are simple, use the dedicated giveaway page here to take part using your email address. We need the email address to contact you if you are the winner. Once the duration of the giveaway is over, we will contact the winners to tell them of their winnings.

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