Fix On The Way For Windows Phone 8.1 DP Update Installation Failure with Error 80188309

Microsoft recently released the most anticipated Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview for all compatible Windows Phone devices. This update is available for developers to update their personal Windows Phone “dev” smartphones under the Windows Phone Preview for Developers program. If you are not a developer you have to wait until Microsoft releases Windows Phone 8.1 final version. Windows Phone developers can start building and testing Windows Phone apps and universal Windows apps. Windows Phone Store now accepts app submissions thus letting developers bring the universal Windows app experience to beta users and consumers.

How to update Windows Phone 8 device to Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview?

According to Microsoft, all Windows Phone smartphones running Windows Phone 8 can upgrade to the new version of the operating system. But, there’s a catch. Even if the upgrade is for all Windows Phone 8 devices, you can only install the upgrade using the Windows Phone Preview for Developers program. The Windows Phone Preview for Developers program allows registered developers to directly download prerelease Windows Phone upgrades for their development phone. Through the program, developers will get time to test and validate their apps. It will let developers to make sure that their app will run properly on a real Windows phone before Windows Phone operating system upgrade is available for all.


Please refer to the Windows Phone Preview for Developers page for details and FAQs about registering as a developer and downloading Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview.

Microsoft acknowledges Windows Phone 8.1 DP Update Installation Fails with Error 80188309, Fix coming soon.

Developers who own Huawei (including other manufacturers) Windows Phone devices were out of luck when they tried to install Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview on their smartphones. Many went to Microsoft Community forum to complain about the issue. The issue came up when Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade was initiated on compatible smartphone. But instead of a smooth Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade, developers got a message with an error code which said, “The update was downloaded, but couldn’t be opened. (80188309)”.


A Microsoft official promised an update by Thursday, April 24, 2014 with additional news about the fix for error code 80188309, which is bugging Windows Phone developers trying to update their devices. Below is the full statement as posted by Eli A. on Microsoft Community support forum:windows phone 8.1

Hello Everyone,
Here is the Friday update on how things are moving forward. Without further delay, here is the news for today:

  1. A little clarification on the update notification. The notification has stopped for all devices that have not yet taken the first update, however those that have taken the first update and are waiting for the second update to the current 8.1 build will continue to occur. At this point, I would recommend ignoring the update notification and wait for further updates from us.
  2. The update itself is not going to be available today, or likely early next week. We will continue to work on getting you this update but it will not be as fast as you would like. I know a lot of you would like a better timeline on when it will be available, and at this time I cannot commit to a date.  I will however, commit to updating you next Thursday April 24th, 2014 with any additional news. If I have any news or details before then, I will of course update you at that time.

We appreciate you being eager to participate in the Windows Phone Developer Preview Program, and look forward to getting it to you as soon as possible.

Are you a Windows Phone developer facing the same issue? Share with us your thoughts through comments below.

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