Big Savings On Windows Phone Games: Select Marvel, Disney Games Up For Sale Until June 2nd

Great news for Windows Phone users! Disney games and Marvel games came up with a very good deal for all Windows Phone users. Last time here, we covered Disney’s latest game based on its movie Maleficent. Now, Disney has released three more games for casual gamer using Windows Phone. Along with the new releases, starting today Disney and Marvel is giving you a chance to grab the games at just $0.99 each. The sale will run through June 2, 2014. Love playing casual games? Go buy the Windows Phone games from the Windows Phone Store today. The games are also on sale for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 users available from the Windows Store.

New Windows Phone Games Published By Disney

JellyCar 3

JellyCar 3 is one of the latest Disney game released on Windows Phone Store. The game puts you in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. It lets you navigate through different worlds. To make the game interesting, these worlds are filled with different tricks like soft-body physics, sticky tires to help you climb walls and more. You can also customize your “cartoon” car. The goofy sound effects along with the music makes it more interesting. What’s more you can ask for from a casual game that’s fun and interesting?

You can grab Disney JellyCar 3 for $1.99 from the Windows Phone Store. If you want to play the game on Windows, go grab it for $4.99 from the Windows Store.

Lost Light

Lost Light takes you to a dark but enchanted forest. The forest is filled with the glinting eyes of some shadowy figures. If you liked the other matching games like Disney’s Maleficent Free Fall, you will like Lost Light too. But don’t take Lost Light as the same matching games. Lost Light is a matching game but with a new numbers twist. To progress in the game, you need to connect and match your way to the heart of the forest. As you make moves in the game, your moves helps restore the light which is hidden away by wicked Beasties.

Sounds fun? Go get Lost Light now for $1.99 from the Windows Phone Store. As usual you can enjoy the game on Windows too, simply visit the Windows Store and grab the game for $4.99.

Disney Solitaire

Do you like playing the classic card game solitaire? Microsoft almost always included Solitaire in Windows. If you would like to play the game on your Windows Phone, you will like Disney’s Solitaire. With inclusion of the classic characters and charming places from some of Disney’s hit animated movies, the game surely changes the way you used to look and play the classic card game. Move through the beautiful level maps which are based on Peter Pan and The Lion King. Along the way as you go on through the different levels of the game, you will unlock animated power-ups. The game is available exclusively on Windows Phones, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 PCs and Windows 8 RT Tablets. You can get Disney Solitaire today on a discounted price from the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store for just $0.99. You will be saving a lot as the regular price for the game on Windows Phone is 1.99 while $4.99 for Windows 8 users.

Disney Game & Marvel Game: $0.99 Game Sale

Windows Phone Games Sale

Looking for some great deals this summer? Simply visit the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store and grab some of the hottest Disney games and Marvel games. Through June 2, 2014 save big by getting these great games for at least 50% off. All the select Disney games and Marvel games are up for just $0.99. See the table below for details.

Windows Phone Windows
Disney Solitaire $1.99 $.99 $4.99 $.99
Temple Run: Oz $1.99 $.99 $4.99 $.99
Temple Run: Brave $1.99 $.99 $4.99 $.99
Toy Story: Smash It! $1.99 $.99 $4.99 $.99
Avengers Initiative $1.99 $.99 $7.99 $.99
Marvel Run Jump Smash! $1.99 $.99 $4.99 $.99

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