Fix Protected Content Playback Errors on Windows 8 After You Install Cumulative Update (KB 2756872)

Microsoft has released a hotfix to fix protected content playback errors on Windows 8, after you have installed the General Availability Cumulative Update (KB 2756872), which was released few days back. The cumulative update was released ahead of Windows 8’s official release to the public. The fix was meant to bring performance, audio and video playback, application and driver compatibility, and battery improvements to the operating system.

Now, the Redmond software giant has found that if any user installs the cumulative update on their Windows 8 systems, they may face problem while playing protected videos in certain applications. The video will not play and you may receive error codes that varies depending upon the video player you used. To fix this issue, Microsoft has released a hotfix for computers running Windows 8.


How to get the update (KB 2768703) to fix the issue?

Microsoft has made available the update both through Microsoft Download Center and Windows Update. Install this update on the computer running Windows 8.

The most easiest way to apply the update is through Windows Update. To install the update in Windows 8, open Windows Update and click on Install optional updates. See for optional updates available and install the update.

You can also go ahead and download the update from Microsoft Download Center and install it manually. This is useful, if you have many computers running Windows 8. Simply download the update once and apply it to all computers running Windows 8.

Download the Update for Windows 8 (KB2768703) package now

Download the Update for Windows 8 for x64-based Systems (KB2768703) package now

Download the Download the Update for Windows Server 2012 (KB2768703) package now

Source: Microsoft Support KB 2768703

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