How to Prevent Windows from Entering Standby Mode

You just started downloading a large file before going to bed, hoping it will finish by the time you woke up. Imagine how you will feel when, after waking up, you find your Windows PC in standby mode? Here is another scenario. Suppose you just started uploading your home video on YouTube to share it with your friends and family members. As the process will take a while, you leave your PC to keep the upload process running. After a while you come back only to find your PC in standby mode instead of the uploaded message. You will be frustrated and wish you could control your PC and prevent Windows from entering standby mode, sleep mode or hibernate mode. Stand-Bye! is the application you may be looking for.

Introduction: Stand-Bye! Let’s You Take Control Over Windows Standby Mode

Stand-Bye! is a freeware application for Windows PC. It offers more control over the system standby than that offered by the default Windows standby mode. It prevents Windows from entering standby mode if it detects active downloads, or if certain apps are running, or if the resource usage is higher than the thresholds you have set.

Stand-Bye Prevent Unwanted Windows Standby

Configure Stand-Bye! to Set Various Standby Conditions

This nifty piece of software acts as a system standby scheduler. Before letting your PC go into standby mode, it allows it to finish all activities. It also enables you to configure various settings for taking total control over standby conditions.

Configure Stand-Bye, Take Control Over Windows Standby

You can configure it to automatically standby the computer after a definite time interval if the system is idle. You can also configure the CPU, RAM, HDD or network thresholds. This way it will prevent the PC from killing processes prematurely if they are utilizing the resources while you are away. Very handy if you are converting a large video and you left your PC to complete the task. You have the option to create an exception list of processes. If any of the processes that are on this list, are running, Stand-Bye! will block the system from going into standby mode.

Process whitelist

Finally, the application comes with a master switch to turn off standby mode completely. Simply pressing the Left Ctrl + Alt + P buttons will activate a “Presentation Mode” that will stop your PC from entering standby mode even if you leave it idle.

Stand-Bye Settings


As seen above, Stand-Bye! can effectively managing Windows standby in different situations. The different configurations offered by this app helps you take control over your PC. The app is easy-to-use through its modern friendly user interface. All the options are available just a click away with additional help so you do not feel lost. In addition to the standard installer format, a portable edition of Stand-Bye! is also available for portable app lovers who hate to install each and every app on their PC. You can download Stand-Bye from its homepage.

Let us know your experience with default Windows standby mode. Was the experience a frustrating one? We will love to hear you out.

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