Folx 5 for Mac Review Plus Exclusive Folx 5 PRO Personal License Giveaway

The majority of people in the world may have moved from dial-up modem to speedy broadband connections. We may be downloading files faster but you will agree the file sizes that we download have increased too. Some of you may feel download manager are obsolete but are they really?

Suppose you are downloading a large file and you have almost completed it. At that moment the worse thing happens. The internet connection goes down and your download gets interrupted. Imagine the frustration you will have just because you have to download the file again. The scenario would have been better if you had a download manager. You could have resumed the interrupted download from the same position like nothing happened.

Folx is one such download manager for Mac OS X users that is more than just your regular download manager. In addition to the regular features of a download manager like resuming unfinished downloads, and increasing download speed, it features a torrent manager and a YouTube video downloader. We will today look into Folx 5, the latest avatar of the popular download manager for OS X platform. Today, we will take the latest version up for a spin and review Folx 5 for Mac here.

Folx 5 for Mac Review: New Minimal Interface, Improved Features

Eltima Software has introduced a minimal interface in Folx 5. It will not carry forward the traditional colorful look of its predecessors. The new user interface actually blends nicely with the new OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Folx 5 for Mac Review

In addition to downloading regular files, it supports downloading torrents and YouTube videos. It can split the downloads in up to ten threads to increase download speed. It features a File Manager and filters for easier browsing of completed downloads. It can automatically capture downloads from various browsers. The browser extension gives you option to download all or download selected file. It allows you to prioritize your download tasks and control download and upload speeds according to your needs.

Folx 5 Browser Extension

When starting downloads from websites that need authentication, it can remember username and password. So the next time you download from this website, you do not need to enter your username and password again. It can also remember FTP and HTTP credentials.

One of the unique feature it offers is automatically adding downloaded music and videos to iTunes playlists with the names as the tags assigned to downloads. This is very handy as you do not need to manually add them later on after downloading. The music and video files will be ready in iTunes.

Folx 5 for Mac Preferences

Folx 5 for Mac Review: Download Torrents Hassle Free Using Folx 5

Folx 5 PRO features inbuilt search support for torrents and fetches results from various popular torrent websites. Simply type the file name you want in the search and it will fetch you results from the most popular torrent websites. It will display the result within the app from where you can easily start downloading the torrent.

Search Torrent Using Folx 5

Simply click on the Download button and it will start fetching the files for you. It also supports magnet links for downloading torrents easily.

Download Torrent Using Folx 5

You can also create a torrent for distribution from within the app. After creating the torrent file you can use your favorite torrent tracker to seed the files to the torrentverse.

Create a Torrent in Folx 5 for Mac

For downloading torrents using a magnet link, you can either copy and paste the magnet link in the app or click on the magnet link in your browser. You can take the help of tags to properly organize your downloads. You can change the file name and specify a custom download location if you want to.

Folx 5 for Mac Review: Download Your Favorite YouTube Videos Easily Using Folx 5

If you install the browser extension of Folx 5 in your favorite browser, you can easily download YouTube videos. Just right-click on the video you want to download and select Download with Folx.

Download YouTube video in 1-click

It will launch the app and start fetching the list of video resolution, the video is available in. Select the video resolution you want to download and click on OK. You also have the option to download only the audio if you do not want the video. You can also copy the URL of the YouTube video and paste it in the app window to download it. In addition you can also give a brief description of the video before download, or scheduling the download, or add tags.

Download YouTube Video Using Folx 5

Folx 5 PRO offers additional features like Speed Control, Scheduling of Downloads and integration into iTunes to automatically keep your downloaded music and video available. We really like the Smart speed limit feature of Speed Control. It lets us browse the internet without making it slow while keeping the download going on in the background by automatically varying the download speed.


In our tests, Folx 5 for Mac handled torrent downloads, YouTube video downloads, and regular files with ease. We are happy with the features it offers and the ease of use with which we can take advantage of all these features in downloading files from the internet. We like the unique sorting ability to keep the downloads organized. It is no doubt one of the best free download manager Mac OS X users can ask for.

Folx 5 is available in two versions, Free and PRO. The Free version lacks few features and is targeted towards lite users. The PRO version comes in two licenses. Personal License which retails for $19.95 and Family license which retails for $39.95. You can additionally add lifetime upgrade for $9.95 and urgent support plan for $15 per year. If you have Folx 4 license, you can buy Folx 5 at 50% discount. You can buy Folx 5 from the online Eltima store.

Folx 5 for Mac Launch Celebration: Exclusive Giveaway

Eltima Software is generous enough to offer our readers a chance to win a free license of Folx 5 PRO license worth $19.95. They have provided us 5 license to celebrate the launch of Folx 5. All you need to do is visit the special giveaway contest page and take part. The last date to take part in this exclusive contest is June 12, 2016. Do not forget to share about this exclusive contest with your friends!

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