Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro Review Plus Exclusive Giveaway

If you own a iPhone or iPad or any other Apple device you know you need iTunes installed on a Mac or Windows system to manage your device. iTunes no doubt works great until you want to do something that’s “unorthodox” in the eye’s of Apple. Unlike Android, accessing iOS filesystem and your data like photos, music and videos can be a headache.

Before you start a war on what I said about the close filesystem, hear me out first. I agree the close filesystem has its own advantages but what I don’t like most about it is I cannot access my data directly when I am connecting my device to my Mac or PC without opening iTunes and syncing data. This also makes it impossible to optimize your device after say when you upgraded to the latest iOS version. Instead of getting a snappy performance you experience sluggish performance. You start blaming the new upgrade but what if you can clean the junk files and free up your device and make it fast again? Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro promises the same and more. The application is available for both Mac and Windows systems. Today we will review the latest version of Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro to find out if it really performs and lives up to its promises or not.

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro Review: Introduction

The test was carried out on Windows 10 Pro machine that has iTunes installed. For testing the effectiveness of the application, Apple iPad Air with iOS 9 latest version installed was used. It earlier had iOS 9 beta installed. I downloaded a demo copy from the official website and installed. The installation process is typical to what we see in any Windows application. After installation is complete, the program was launched and it automatically downloaded the required drivers and then the iPad was connected via USB. It was detected instantly. Similarly, any device running iOS should be detected, be it Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro functions are divided into six sections. They are titled aptly as File Manager, Speedup & Clean, Backup & Restore, Ads Remove, Fix iOS Stuck, Repair Operating System. All the six sections are accessible from the main screen. The main screen also displays details about the device.

iPad Air Connected - Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro – Functions

Free Files Manager

The Free Files Manager is the section that most of us will spend our time on this application.

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro Free Files Manager

Through the File Manager, you access your Contacts, Notes, Calendar, App, Music, Video, Bookmark and Photos. For instance, when you click on Apps, you can see all the apps that are installed on your device, the amount of space each are taking and the actions you can perform on them.

Access Apps Using Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro Free Files Manager

The photo manager is also worth mentioning here. Unlike how you manage your photos using iTunes, managing them here is very straight forward and easy. You can easily backup your photos (export), add new ones, delete existing photos. Similarly, managing your music collection and playlist is much more easy and simple than iTunes. You can add, delete and export (backup) music files to and from your device. You also have the option to sort your collection by artist, album, song title, etc.

Speedup & Clean

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro Speedup & Clean

This section is something that is unique to this application. Speedup and Clean lets you optimize your iPhone or iPad by removing junk files. Junk files that were accumulated over the time like cache files, temp files, cookies, crash logs, etc. I did a quick scan and you can see the result of it in the screenshot below.

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro Speedup - & Clean

After cleanup you may or may not see noticeable difference in performance but it depends on how dirty your device really is.

Backup & Restore

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro - Backup & Restore

Backup and restore section allows you to access backups taken using iTunes or this app. It also allows you to restore if your device is acting up.

Ads Remove

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro - Ads Remove

The Ads Remove function scanned all my installed apps but could not find any apps with ads. It may work for you, but please remember to support the developer whose free app you are using even after removing the ads from it.

Fix iOS Stuck and Repair Operating System (For advanced users only)

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro - Fix iOS Stuck

If you are someone who likes tinkering his iOS device, jailbreaking it, or unlocking it, this section is helpful for you. If your iPhone or iPad is stuck, you can try to fix iOS. You can enter recovery mode and DFU mode to fix your device. If the terms DFU or recovery mode is foreign to you, you should not even be in this section. You may actually kill your iPhone or iPad if you do something wrong or something you don’t understand here.

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro - Repair iOS Operating System

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro’s Repair Operating System offers another function to fix your iPhone or iPad or iPod touch. This function fixes your device by installing the latest iOS version and install it. But if you have a jailbroken device, the device will revert back to a non-jailbroken section.


Managing your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is easy with iTunes but easier with Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro. It offers much more freedom with many advanced features in comparison to iTunes. If you are an advance user you will love the features for fixing your iOS device. The ability of exporting your music, photos, calendar and contacts database with ease makes iPhone Care Pro a smart choice. Some features may not offer much like Ads Remove, other than that it is a keeper. Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro for Windows and Mac retails at $59.95 $29.95 (Personal license). You can buy a license from the official store page.

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro Giveaway

We are happy to announce our exclusive Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro Giveaway. Please visit the special giveaway contest page here to participate now.

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