RadioTracker 6: Download Unlimited Music, Legally

Radiotracker is one of the best internet radio ripper available in the market. With a unique “Wishlist” feature, and one of the best seen tagging functions, it is simply the best radio ripper available for downloading music legally. We have reviewed the earlier version of Radiotracker Platinum and were more than satisfied with its features, performance and usability. So, when we got our hands on the latest version of Radiotracker Platinum 6, we were much more excited to see the improvements done in this version.

If you are a user of the earlier version of Radiotracker and if you upgrade to the latest version, the first thing that you will notice is the change in the user interface with four themes, Blue, Green, Red, Snow. Significant changes noticed here are, the three tabs are now called Radio, Wishlist, Podcasts instead of the earlier Radio, MusicFinder and Podcasts. The refreshing new look which is now omnipresent in all the other softwares by Audials and which was also seen in our AudialsOne Platinum 4 review. New and improved Organized to better organize your music collection and features better AutoTag function. The installer of Radiotracker comes with portable installation option along with regular standard install.


MusicFinder rechristened as Wishlist in the latest version is now more easy to use. Users who are wondering what Wishlist is, well, Radiotracker’s Wishlist is in itself a very unique function which is not seen in any other similar internet radio rippers. To take the advantage of Wishlist, you need to first know how it works? You just need to select your favorite music artist from a list of over 100,000 musicians or select specific songs that you want to download. After creating your Wishlist, just click on the large Fulfill button. As soon as one of the many thousands of simultaneously monitored stations plays your desired music, Radiotracker automatically records and accurately tags that exact song or artist. Using Radiotracker Settings to customize quality of rips.

radiotracker settings

Functionality of the Radio tab and Podcast tab remains same as that of the earlier version with some improvements. The Radio tab helps you rip your songs from your favorite genre. Select the desired genre, and, click on the big Start recording button. Similarly, under the Podcasts tab, podcast lovers will be able to subscribe to their favorite podcast channels. Like an autopilot, Radiotracker will rip the songs, cut them properly, tag them and after completion, it will add the songs to the music organizer.

Radiotracker lives up to our expectations with all the new features and improved old features. During the making of the review we ripped a few of our favorite songs to test Radiotracker’s ability, and, we’re very pleased to see that Radiotracker has fulfilled our wish almost perfectly.

Radiotracker is definitely a keeper for us and we recommend it to all the music lovers for expanding their music collection freely and legally.

Check out the tutorial video at YouTube, by Audials Software:

How to record internet radios using Radiotracker?

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