CleanAfterMe: Freeware to Clean Junk Files and Registry Entries [Windows]

CleanAfterMe is a very useful portable system app by NirSoft that allows you to easily clean junk files and obsolete registry entries automatically created by the Windows operating system during your regular computer work. CleanAfterMe lets you clean cookies, history, cache files from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, passwords saved in Internet Explorer, history of file opened from various Microsoft Applications like Office, Windows Media Player, Direct3D apps, clean the ‘Recent’ folder, registry entries that keeps record of the last opened files, Windows temporary folder, Windows Event Logs, Recycle Bin, and more.

You can run the app from anywhere without any installation and without leaving any trace of it in the Windows Registry. You can also run this program from a USB flash drive, simply copy the executable file of CleanAfterMe (CleanAfterMe.exe) into the USB flash drive, and run it from there.

After opening it, in the main window, you can choose what you want to clean, by simply selecting the desired items. It is always recommended to take caution while using these kind of tools and you should read the description of each cleaning item before selecting it, so you won’t clean something that you may want to keep.

CleanAfterMe - Clean Registry entries and files in your system

How To Use CleanAfterMe?

CleanAfterMe lets you view the contents of some of the items before you clean them. Click on the ‘Open’ button in order to view the folder or Registry key that is going to be cleaned. After you have selected all the desired items that you want to clean off Windows, you may click on the “Show Cleaning Report” button for a report.

Clicking on the “Show Cleaning Report” button will display the list of files and Registry values or Registry keys that are going to be deleted from the system. After you satisfy looking the report and see that everything is fine, you can start the cleaning process by clicking on the “Clean Selected Items” button.

You can also use CleanAfterMe from the command prompt. Look below for details:

How To Use CleanAfterMe From Command-Line?

/clean <Log Filename> Clean the items that you selected in the last time that you used CleanAfterMe. The cleaning information will be saved into the Log Filename. You can specify an empty string if you don’t want to write the log information to file.

CleanAfterMe.exe /clean "c:\temp\clean.log
CleanAfterMe.exe /clean ""

/report <Log Filename> Save the cleaning report (only report, without cleaning anything) for the items that you selected in the last time that you used CleanAfterMe. The cleaning report will be saved into the specified filename.

CleanAfterMe works under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista.

Download CleanAfterMe – Executable only

Download CleanAfterMe in zip file

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