Mozilla Firefox 64-bit Builds, Linux, Mac, Windows, Download

Users of 64-bit operating system who always wanted to use a 64-bit edition of the popular web browser Firefox were previously restricted to using only the builds provided by their operating systems or, the ones available through the Mozilla-x86-64 project. Mozilla Firefox 64-bit builds for Linux, Mac and Windows is now available on the official Firefox Nightly FTP server. Mozilla plans to distribute the final version of Firefox 64-bit editions with the release of Firefox 4 later this year.

If you install the experimental version of Firefox 64-bit you will notice that most of the browser plugins are not compatible and only Java and a non-final Flash version are being supported.


Firefox 64-bit for Windows, Linux and Mac can be downloaded from the official Mozilla FTP server.

Note: The first Firefox 64-bit nightly build is experimental at this time, so is not meant for work environments. Firefox 64-bit editions for Windows is currently having a missing msvcr100.dll file problem. But you can solve it by downloading it from Microsoft.

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