MakeMKV: Cross-Platform Blu-Ray & DVD Ripping Application

You can easily find a lot of DVD ripping software, each software boasting performance and advanced features, and, it doesn’t matter what operating system you run to get one. Using these easy to use DVD rippers, you’re only a few clicks away from importing your favourite movie from a DVD to your hard drive. But it’s not the same for Blu-Ray discs. Blu-Ray discs are tougher to crack and hence finding Blu-Ray disc rippers are hard and its harder when you are looking for a freeware version. But, Blu-Ray disc ripper and converting application MakeMKV is available free as long as it’s in beta stage. MakeMKV is a cross-platform application and it can handles both DVD and Blu-Ray ripping. It’s also undoubtedly the simplest Blu-Ray disc ripper around.

If you are having difficulty keeping your large Blu-Ray collections, you should definitely take advantage of this limited time opportunity and download the free beta. MakeMKV is a two-click decrypting, ripping and converting tool for DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.


Using MakeMKV is very easy, all you have to do is insert the disc that you want to rip, then click on the large DVD or Blu-Ray icon, and then click on Make MKV. After completion of the conversion process, you’ve got yourself a high-definition MKV file that you can easily play in most of the MKV supported media players (like, VLC Media Player for instance). MakeMKV also offers the option to rip certain chapters only, you also get to edit a few advanced preferences, if you want to experiment with the output quality, but the default settings work just fine for novice users.

MakeMKV is available as a free download (as long as its beta) for all operating systems, Linux, Mac OS and Windows. Get yourself a copy of MakeMKV before the beta expires and a commercial version appears. :)

[ Download MakeMKV ]

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