Pokki Beta Now Includes Windows 8 Start Menu Replacement, Lets You Directly Boot Into Desktop

Do you remember Pokki, the unique app launcher for Windows users, we recommended earlier? Pokki lets you download and run various web apps from Windows Taskbar. Some popular apps available via its app store are Gmail, Facebook, InstagramAngry Birds, etc. We know all this about the app already. So, what’s the point of talking about the app again here, when it’s still holding to its beta badge? Well, the reason we are talking about Pokki here at MTG again is it’s now ready for Windows 8. The good news is, it will work as Windows 8 Start Menu replacement and lets you directly boot to the Desktop.

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you’re by now aware that Microsoft has killed the Start Menu in Windows 8 completely. With the latest beta, Pokki added an option which will allow it to work as a start menu replacement for Windows 8. Pokki developers feel that many Windows 8 users might be frustrated, confused, and lost without a bridge to the traditional Start menu. Pokki surely solves this problem to a great extent, even though the app is still in its beta stage of development.


Unlike other Start Menu replacement apps, Pokki’s Start menu isn’t just a Windows 7 clone. It brings a full-fledged app launcher which includes favorites for desktop and Metro apps. Pokki has also improved its app store a lot. You can see a screenshot of the app store below.


Another feature of Pokki is it will let Windows 8 users to boot directly to desktop. The app can also disable the new hot corners which lets you access Windows Charms. So, if you still like to have the old features back but want to use Windows 8, Pokki might be the app, right for you. And the best part of all this is it’s completely free to download and use.

Pokki also works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Even if you are not Windows 8 user, you can enjoy the benefits offered by the Pokki Menu and replace the Windows Start menu. Pokki for Windows 8 is available as free download from Pokki.com.

Source: Pokki, via The Verge

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