Today, smartphones are now one of the most basic need of a modern person who wants to stay connected. There are now over 1.4 billion smartphones used around the world. That puts 1 smartphone on the hand of every 4.5 person in the world. Have you ever wondered, how we use our smartphones everyday? What we use it for? It’s time to find out. Check out our infographic that shows how we use them, what we usually do with them and more.

The world is moving faster towards something which is dependent on technology. With all the latest Internet of Things stuff, digital wearable, smartphones, smart devices, and basically everything that is turning smart even if we don’t need all those smartness. Anyway, all these changes are making simple things into a complicated one. Instead of making it easier for people to use them everything is getting all complicated. Every now or then a new smartphone (mostly built on Android platform) gets released that’s slightly better than the smartphone released before it. We don’t know when all the madness of building a smartphone that will have everything, even stuff we don’t even use will stop. Looking at the huge growing market of smartphones, manufacturers are shifting their interest on them instead of simple classic phones. This is making it very difficult for people looking for a phone that basically does what a phone should do. Answering calls and sending or receiving messages. There are still many people who don’t want a smartphone but due to the lack of classic phones they buy a smartphone. Once they start using the smartphone, they see fancy icons all over the screen and hundreds of settings that confuses them more. If you are a person who falls into this category, here’s something that may change the way you use your smartphone, basically if you have an Android smartphone. Wiser – Simple launcher is your friendly launcher that lets you enjoy your Android smartphone.