Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Preview Build 10525 for Windows Insiders

Microsoft released Windows 10 Preview Build 10525 for Fast Ring Windows Insiders. If you are a Fast Ring user testing Windows 10 you must have already noticed the latest update. Slow Ring users still have to wait for the update at this point of time.

When you opted in as a Fast Ring Windows Insider, you already know the risks involved with it. You will always receive the latest preview build that will, most of the time, break your test system. Obviously no one installs an alpha/beta/preview version of Windows on their production environments. These preview builds of Windows are meant strictly for testing. Windows 10 Build 10525 is no exception to that. In fact reports are already coming in that confirms the latest 64-bit preview build to break Chrome and Firefox web browser. Some Insiders also complained about installed programs loosing saved settings.

Windows 10

Moving beyond the issues, Microsoft seems to have worked on improving a lot of things over the previous build. Windows 10’s personal assistant Cortana is also improved. Cortana now asks in which browser you want to see the search results. You are given the choice of browser the first time you use the feature. The Wi-Fi menu now shows if a connection is secure or not.

One of the improvement is related to the user interface. In the latest build, you can now change the color of window title bars natively which was not available earlier. Although this option is off by default, you can turn it on by visiting Settings > Personalization > Colors.

Windows 10: Change window tile color

Windows 10: Change window tile color

The Memory Manager is improved. It now compresses unused pages automatically in memory instead of writing them to disk. This behavior occurs when the Memory Manager notices high memory use. This improves system performance by letting more applications run in memory simultaneously. Here is what Memory Manager is in Microsoft’s own words:

In Windows 10, we have added a new concept in the Memory Manager called a compression store, which is an in-memory collection of compressed pages. This means that when Memory Manager feels memory pressure, it will compress unused pages instead of writing them to disk. This reduces the amount of memory used per process, allowing Windows 10 to maintain more applications in physical memory at a time. This also helps provide better responsiveness across Windows 10. The compression store lives in the System process’s working set. Since the system process holds the store in memory, its working set grows larger exactly when memory is being made available for other processes. This is visible in Task Manager and the reason the System process appears to be consuming more memory than previous releases.

Microsoft has acknowledged the following known issues present in this build:

  • Mobile hotspot does not work in this build. When sharing the Internet from your device with mobile broadband using Mobile Hotspot, it will fail to get a valid IP (Internet Protocol) address from your device and will show no internet access.
  • An update to Movies & TV application from the Store will be required to fix an issue with video playback.
  • Optional languages packs will not be available during the initial launch of this flight, it will be available later this week.

Microsoft is looking forward to all Windows Insiders and general users’ feedback. You can use the official Windows Feedback app to send in your opinion.

Tip! Make sure you have set Feedback & Diagnostics under the Telemetry Privacy Settings to full to receive the latest Windows Preview builds as they are released. If you are running a final build of Windows 10 and you are adventurous to test out the latest “half-baked” Windows builds, you can opt-in to the Windows Insider program. You can opt-in for Windows Insider via Settings app > Update & Security > Advanced options under “Get Insider builds”.

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