Common Windows Run Commands

To quickly access applications and hidden configuration settings in Windows, the best option is to use the Run command, [ Windows Key ] + [ R ]. Below you will find complete list of commands that you have to type in the Run command dialog box and press [ Enter ] to access. This is the first part.

Note: You may not find all commands working in all Windows versions. Some commands works only in the latest version of Windows, i.e. Windows Vista/7. Some commands will only work if the software or function is installed.

Run Commands to access general tools and applications

cmd Command Prompt
calc Calculator
notepad Notepad
explorer Windows Explorer
taskmgr Task Manager
osk On Screen Keyboard
wmplayer Windows Media Player
dvdplay Play DVD’s
mplayer32 Basic Media Player
moviemk Windows Movie Maker
soundrecorder Record Sounds
clipbrd Clipboard Viewer
igfxzoom Zoom utility
magnify Magnifier utility
mobsync Microsoft Synchronisation
mstsc Remote Desktop
write Wordpad
mspaint Paint
stickynote Sticky Note utility to add sticky notes to desktop
snippingtool Snipping tool for screenshots
slui Windows Activation tool
mrt Malicious Software Removal utility
msword Microsoft Word
excel Microsoft Excel
powerpnt Microsoft Powerpoint
frontpg Microsoft Frontpage
freecell Play Free Cell Card Game
mshearts Play Hearts
pinball Play Pinball
spider Play Spider Solitaire
winmine Play Minesweeper

There are more Windows Run command secrets available about which I will write in the next article. You can also help by commenting below about any hidden or common Run commands that you know. I will add them along in the list. :)

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