How To Enable Aero Glass in Windows Virtual PC

You may miss the Aero Glass look, if you are using Windows 7 on virtual machine as you can utmost achieve the Aero Basic look. But if you are running Windows 7 virtual machines on Windows Virtual PC, then there is a simple way to activate the Aero Glass experience. Follow these simple steps to activate Aero Glass in Windows 7 virtual machines running on Windows Virtual PC.

First, install Windows 7 in your virtual machine, or if you have already done installing, click on the Tools menu and select Install Integration Components.

install integration component

Complete the install of the Integration Components on your virtual machine and reboot it. After reboot, again click on the Tools menu and select Enable Integration Features.

enable integration

Now login into the virtual machine with your username and password. You should find the Aero Glass interface activated. If for some reason you cannot see Aero Glass effects, right-click on the Desktop, select Personalize and choose one of the Aero Glass theme.

Enjoy the Aero Glass effect even virtually! :)

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