SE-TrayMenu – Free tray launcher and hotkey manager for Windows

SE-TrayMenu is a very simple, easy to use, light weight (portable application size is only 114 KB and the standalone installer is 404KB) and free portable application launcher for Windows. SE-TrayMenu is the best alternative to the Windows Quick Launch feature. It resides in the system tray and gives access to a customizable pop-up menu (on mouse over) through which you can select an application to run. You can easily add any programs, documents, folders, Internet links, etc. shortcut to the pop-up menu by simply dragging and dropping. You can also easily add shortcut keys to any of the shortcuts for quick access.

Main features:

SE-TrayMenu key features are:

  • Quick adding of programs, documents, folders, internet links and more to your Windows system tray
  • Global hotkey managing to access everything you want with one click
  • Quick adding of applications and links using drag and drop
  • Quick adding of frequently used applications and installed programs
  • Completely customizable view with lots of pre-defined layouts and color schemes
  • Clear interface with multiple languages support
  • Portable version is available

Features that I liked the most in SE-TrayMenu are:

  • Customization

    SE-TrayMenu’s appearance is completely customizable. You can easily change the layout of the way the list is displayed. Available options are: List of names, Small vertical list, Two columns, Wide fields. See the screenshots below.

    list of names Small vertical list
    List of names Small vertical list
    Two columns Wide fields
    Two columns Wide fields

    You can also customize the size of the icons, whether to show the program name at the bottom of the icon or on the side, the amount of margin you want between the items etc. Lots of themes are also available for customizing the overall look of the pop-up menu. You can also change the behavior of the menu display from the default mouse over to single mouse click. Availability of keyboard shortcuts, which further speeds up the launching of frequently used applications.

    SE-TrayMenu Settings

  • Portability

    The application is fully portable and you can carry it around in a USB flash drive. Support for a range of Windows editions: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, makes it a good choice as an application launcher.

    Note: The application is written in .NET, so the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is required.

[ Download SE-TrayMenu: Standalone Installer Version / Portable Version ]

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