Download iTunes 11.2.1 Update To Fix /Users Folder Missing Bug

Apple released iTunes 11.2 and OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 update recently. After installing the updates, OS X Mavericks users found that the /Users folder appeared missing. Although there’s a way to manually restore the folder but it involved running a single command on the Terminal (more about it later). Apple quickly released iTunes 11.2.1 update for OS X users to fix the /Users and /Users/Shared folders missing bug. The bug can allow a local user compromise other local user accounts. The issue mainly occurred when Find My Mac is enabled in iCloud system. The latest iTunes update is available only for Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later users. The latest version of iTunes for Windows still remains at iTunes 11.2 as Windows users are unaffected by the bug.

Download iTunes 11.2.1 to fix /Users folder missing issue

As usual, you can download and install iTunes 11.2.1 update for your Mac using the Software Update, or from the Apple Support website.

According to Apple’s support page about the /Users folder issue, Apple stated, “upon each reboot, the permissions for the /Users and /Users/Shared directories would be set to world-writable, allowing change of these directories. This issue was addressed with improved permission handling.”

Apple recommends all affected users to update to iTunes 11.2.1 or later using the software update.

Apple Software Update

How to fix /Users folder disappearing bug without installing the latest iTunes update?

We recommend users to update iTunes to the latest 11.2.1 version and fix the /Users folder issue. The tip below is for educational purpose only.
Please follow the steps carefully. Messing around the operating system by running commands using the Terminal app may have dire consequences.
  • Open the Terminal app.
Tip! Use the Spotlight Search to find Terminal app and launch it
  • Next, type exactly the command shown below. Before pressing the Enter key, check the command on your Terminal with the command shown below.

sudo chflags nohidden /Users

  • Press Enter to run the command.
  • You need your admin password to continue. Type your admin password and press Enter again to continue.
  • Once the command did its work, you will find the /Users folder accessible again.

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