Firefox 3.0.19 & Firefox 3.5.9 Security Updates now Available

Mozilla has released Firefox 3.0.19 and Firefox 3.5.9 updates. Mozilla Developer News have said that Firefox 3.0.19 is the last and final security update for Firefox 3.0.x branch of Firefox. There will be no more updates available after this one. All users of Firefox 3.0.x are therefore encouraged to upgrade to the latest version, Firefox 3.6, by either downloading it from Firefox official site or by selecting “Check for Updates…” from the Help menu. Users of Firefox 3.5.x are also encouraged to update to Firefox 3.6.2

As Firefox 3.0.19 final update is a security and stability upgrade for the web browser, it is a recommended update for all users who are still using the version 3.0.x Firefox browser. The complete list of fixed bugs and changes in Firefox 3.0.19 can be found at the Bugzilla. The list comprises 56 bugs in total that are fixed. Out of those 56 bugs 15 are rated critical and 7 as major updates. The update is available from the official Mozilla Firefox website or by using the automatic update check built-in the web browser.

Firefox 3.5.9 update for Firefox 3.5.x is also a security and stability update, with many updates that have also been made to Firefox 3.0.19. Bugzilla lists the same number of bugs that are fixed in Firefox 3.0.19. Firefox 3.5.x users are recommended to update the Firefox browser as soon as possible to improve the browser’s stability and security. The release notes of Firefox 3.5.9 can be found here. Firefox 3.5.x users can download the latest version from the Mozilla website or use the automatic update option present in the browser. Mozilla will continue to support Firefox 3.5.x until any further notifications.

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