How To Easily Change Wallpaper Images on Windows 7 Starter Edition

Everyone loves customizing the look of their Windows operating system. These customizations are normally achieved by changing themes, changing sound schemes, placing icons on your desktop, changing your wallpaper, etc. Unfortunately, Microsoft has disabled the very basic option to change wallpapers in Windows 7 Starter edition. Well, at least it wasn’t possible to change the wallpaper until you take the help of a small, freeware application known as StarterBackgroundChanger.

Once you have installed StarterBackgroundChanger, you’ll be able to change your default Windows 7 Starter wallpaper and can even change the wallpapers, as available in higher version of Windows 7.

The program’s interface is in English, but the installer is in French. So, follow the screenshots below to know, which button to click on!

To start, first download the installer from here. After completing the download, double-click on the installer to start the installation process. You will have to click on “Yes” for the UAC confirmation.


In the installer, you will see three buttons: “Précédent” which translates to “Previous”, “Suivant” which means “Next” and “Quitter” means “Quit”. Here, Click on the “Suivant” button to go to the next screen, which must be identical to this one:


Click on “Suivant” again, untill you get to this screen:


In this screen click on “Demarrer“, which means “Install”. Once the process completes, you’ll have two more buttons to click, just click on the only one you can (the other buttons are disabled).

After installation completes, right-click on the Desktop, you will find “Personalize” added to the context menu.


Select “Personalize” from here to change your wallpaper!


Click on Wallpaper, choose the image (or images) that you want as wallpaper on the next screen, and set how you want them to be displayed (i.e, stretched, tiled, centered, etc.).

The Colors button makes it possible to adjust system colors. It is still not possible to change the colors of the taskbar and the windows. The Sounds button makes it possible to change the system sound scheme. The Screensaver button enables change of the screen saver. However, throughout the process of change of the screen saver, the window of personalization of the bottom of screen is inaccessible until you close the screen saver modification window.


Once you press the Validate the modification button, your custom wallpaper is set on your desktop!

Note: There’s a small banner ad displayed on the Personalization of the wallpaper screen, but it’s certainly not worth complaining about. StarterBackgroundChanger is well worthy for even a donation to the developer, since it provides the most simple workaround to change Windows 7 Starter edition wallpaper, color schemes, sounds and screen saver.

[ StarterBackgroundChanger Homepage ]

[via DownloadSquad]

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