How to Disable Office 2013 Start Screen?

Microsoft seems to love keeping start screens for its various products. Be it Windows 8, the latest operating system or Office 2013, the latest office productivity suite from them, the start screen becomes very annoying for most of the users after a few days of usage.

Whenever you open any Office 2013 product, by default, you will see Office 2013 template selection screen. From this Office 2013 start screen, you can choose from the available online templates and continue your work. Microsoft thought its very convenient but if you just want to start working right after opening the product, it’s actually very annoying. Normally, most users want to either directly open a blank document, spreadsheet or presentation instead of using a template. So, the first thing a user will want to do is disable Office 2013 start screen and get rid of the annoyance.

Disable Start Screen for all Office 2013 Programs

If you find the start screen annoying, you may want to know, how you can disable the Start screen of Office 2013 products. Here’s a very simple Windows registry tweak that disables the start screen in all Office 2013 products.

Who now generally want to disable all applications that start screen, proceeds as follows:

  • Open Windows Run dialog box (Press Windows Key + R), type regedit and press the Enter key to open the Windows Registry Editor.


  • Once, you are in the Registry Editor, go to
  • Now, on the right hand side of the window, right-click anywhere, select New DWORD (32-bit) Value and name it DisableBootToOfficeStart (if the registry value is not already present).


  • Double-click on DisableBootToOfficeStart and change its value to 1. Click OK.


  • From now on, if you start any Office 2013 product, you won’t see the Start Screen. For instance, if you open Word 2013, it directly opens a new document.

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