Windows 8.1 Update 1: Microsoft Announces Windows Update At BUILD 2014

Microsoft’s BUILD 2014 conference started on Wednesday, April 2, 2014. At the BUILD 2014, Microsoft shared details about Windows 8.1 Update (earlier known as Spring Update or Windows 8.1 Update 1). The Windows 8.1 update brings in a few good changes to the Windows operating system. The update brings in a unified experience for non-touch PC and laptop users. The Windows 8.1 update builds a solid bridge between the Modern UI and Desktop environments. With the changes that this update is brings make Windows 8.1 easier to use, especially for non-touch users. According to the official announcement, Microsoft will release Windows 8.1 Update 1 to the public via Windows Update, Windows Store and Microsoft Download Center on April 8, 2014. Most Windows 8.1 users will be automatically update through Windows Update (For those who are interested, Windows 8.1 Update 1 is KB2919355). If you want to manually install the update, you can visit Windows Store on April 8 and download Windows 8.1 Update 1 manually.

Windows 8.1 Update brings few much wanted changes for its users. Changes includes return of the Start button, more personalization options, ability to boot to desktop, multi-tasking improvements, and few user interface tweaks to make the operating system easier to use for both touch and non-touch (keyboard and mouse) users with much less frustration. You don’t have to rely on all those third-party tools and hacks to properly use Windows.

Windows 8.1 Update 1

Windows 8.1 Update 1: Refreshing Changes to bridge the gap between Modern and Traditional Desktop environments

Microsoft seems to have listened to its users. This is clear from the changes coming through Update 1 for Windows 8.1. Let’s start with the  first.

On some devices, the Start screen now displays Power and Search buttons. You will find them in the upper-right corner next to your account picture. This change makes a lot of users happy (including us!). At least now we don’t have to search for the shutdown or restart Windows option, he most basic task of Windows shutdown. making it easier for users to turn off or restart their PC. The search option now searches for content on the device, as well as those which are saved in the cloud storage.

Official video, highlighting changes coming with the release of Windows 8.1 Update 1.

It seems, the software giant understood that most PC or laptop users uses the desktop environment instead of Modern interface (Metro UI). Microsoft by default now keeps the option to boot to desktop enabled. You can easily pin desktop applications and Windows Store apps, as well as websites on the taskbar. You don’t have to switch back and forth through the two interfaces to work with both kind of apps (Desktop/Modern). You can now simply click on any app pinned to the taskbar to open it.


You can now easily switch between different apps, be it desktop or Modern. You can also minimize and stop Modern apps from the Desktop interface. Microsoft has provided minimize and close buttons on the Windows Store apps, so that you don’t need to shuffle around the two interfaces. The tile options on the Start screen now lets you unpin an app from Start screen, pin the app to the taskbar, change the tile size of the app and uninstall the app. You just need to right-click on an app tile and select the option from the pop-up menu.

right-click-start-screen-windows 8-1-update-1

With the Windows 8.1 Update, you can easily find new Modern apps. Microsoft has pinned the Windows Store app to the taskbar. You have the option to unpin it, if you don’t want it sitting on the taskbar. Upon installing new app, a notification will appear at the bottom of the screen to make it easier to use the newly installed apps.

If you remember, less than a year after Windows 8, Microsoft released Windows 8.1. The Windows 8 update (Windows 8.1) fixed a lot of things. With it Windows users liked the return of the Start button, more personalization options, ability to boot to desktop, and more. The next update of Windows 8.1 (no, it is not Windows 8.2, it’s simply called Update 1) brings many new features to further enhance your Windows experience.

The new Windows 8.1 Update 1 is designed to give Windows users seamless experience across a large number of devices; touch, keyboard and mouse inputs. The update bridges the gap that were left by Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems.

Image Source: Microsoft

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