CCleaner Android App Review With Download Instructions

CCleaner Android app is finally here for Android platform. Piriform, the parent software developer company behind the popular CCleaner application, has released CCleaner for Android as a beta test application. This means, you cannot download CCleaner Android app as a regular Android application until its available to everyone. But you don’t need to worry about that. If you want to test the app yourself, we will show an easy way to download CCleaner Android app on your device. CCleaner doesn’t needs an introduction as it’s a very popular Windows PC software to clean junk files from computers. If you are a Mac user, you can download the Apple OS X version of the app called as CCleaner for Mac.

As we were telling, CCleaner Android app is released as a “close” beta version for beta testers only. Interested users can become a beta tester and test the app on their own device. These users will help the company by sending them feedback about the app. These feedback will helping the developers improve CCleaner app before its released to the public. In this post, we will show how to become a beta tester of the app so that you can download CCleaner Android app from Google Play Store to your device. Later in this post, you will see our first hand CCleaner Android review to find out what you will be expecting from the beta version of the app. Let’s dive in to find out more about the CCleaner app for Android smartphones.

Download CCleaner Android App (Beta Test Version)

CCleaner Android app is launched in the Google Play Store as a beta testing application. That’s why you cannot easily download CCleaner from the Google Play Store like other Android apps. You are required to first enroll yourself as a beta tester for the app. Then you will be able to download the beta version of CCleaner Android app to your device.


In order to be able to download the app, you are required to first visit CCleaner for Android Beta community page on Google Plus and join it. Once you have joined the community, visit the CCleaner beta testing page on Google Play Store and click on the “Become a tester” button.


You will get a confirmation that says “You are now a tester”. Click on the “Download CCleaner from the Play Store” link to download the latest test version of the CCleaner app to your Android device.


Note: CCleaner for Android is compatible with Android 1.6 and up. The app does not require any special permissions to run on Android smartphones.

CCleaner Android Review

Launch the app once you have downloaded and installed CCleaner on your Android device. The CCleaner app displays the combined (taking into account the internal and external storage space of your device) free and used space of your device.


The user interface is clean and easy to use. You will see that the only option you are given is to tap on “Analyze” to scan your Android device for app caches, temporary files, junk data, browser history, call logs and SMS. Once the process completes, CCleaner lists information about how much storage space you will regain when you clear cache. It also lists information about additional data which you may want to clean like browser history, call logs and SMS messages from your Android device. The app also gives you option to manually clean apps like YouTube which it cannot clean automatically.


Simply check on the items from the list and tap the “Clean” button to remove them from your Android device. CCleaner app lets you go deeper and see what is going to be deleted. To view the details, simply tap on the items listed after analysis to display the details.

Note: Since the app is in its beta testing stage, take precaution at what you are deleting from your device. You will also notice that few features are incomplete or not working as expected in the app. These kind of issues are expected when an app is in testing and is not available for mass distribution.

When you tap on the icon of the app, you will find two more functions: App Manager and System Info.

CCleaner Android App: App Manager

App Manager displays all installed apps and system apps. Tap on an app listed and CCleaner displays more details like total size, package size, data size, cache size and more. Tap on the check-box beside the app and you will be able to uninstall it from your device.


CCleaner Android App: System Info

System Info displays some basic information about your Android device. It displays real-time CPU usage through a pie chart. Below the CPU usage, you will get information related to RAM usage, internal and external (SD Card) storage space and the battery level and temperature.


CCleaner for Android is not yet available for the masses for many reasons. CCleaner beta version is still “work in progress” and we should spare it from giving it a rating as don’t expect it to work perfectly. If you are adventurous and can’t wait for the final version, you can go ahead and try it out. Also, instead of rating it poor when something is not working properly, contact the developers and let them know about it. This will help them fix the issues and launch CCleaner for the masses sooner. After all that’s what the developers of a “close” beta testing app expects from a beta tester of their app. We will come back again with a fresh review when the final version of CCleaner Android app is released to the public through Google Play Store.

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