Windows Themes For Earth Day: From Saplings, To Fauna For Your Desktop

Every year in April, the Earth Day is celebrated worldwide to increase awareness of our planet’s natural environment. Microsoft has also joined the celebration by releasing some fresh and beautiful Windows themes.

The official Windows Experience Blog has posted the themes along with a brief introduction about the Arbor Day (or Earth Day, as we all know today). Jennifer Shepherd on Windows Experience Blog posted that “the first Arbor Day was held in Nebraska 140 years ago; by some accounts nearly a million trees were planted that day.”

Go green and adore our wonderful planet Earth with the latest Windows themes and celebrate Earth Day. Simply click on the download link along each themes description.

1. Saplings Windows theme

Inspire yourself by looking at the fresh and young trees collection in the Saplings theme… It may also inspire you to plant more trees!

“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”—but it’s kind of hard to believe when you look at the tiny sprouts in this free Windows 7 theme! They’re cute, and almost look eager, but these ambitious little seedlings have a seriously long way to go.


Download Saplings theme

2. Forests Windows theme

Look, adore and explore the diverse beautiful woodlands, from the undergrowth to the treetops in the magnificent Forests theme.

Something about forests stirs us. Dappled sunlight through a canopy of maple; gnarled, primeval trunks coated in moss; or the slender green serenity of backlit bamboo. Surround yourself with the living majesty of forests in this free theme for Windows 7.


Download Forests theme

3. Aqua Dynamic theme

After dwelling through the saplings and forests, lets dive into the ocean, adore the raindrops on window panes and get wet in the waterfalls with the Aqua Dynamic theme.

Churning seas, rushing rivers, and gracefully curling waves are just a few of the images you’ll get with this free Windows 7 theme. Water: powerful, serene, and dynamic, captured by our community of contributors in splendid color and form. This theme updates automatically through an RSS feed.



Download Aqua Dynamic theme

4. Fauna Dynamic theme

As you can probably predict from the name, the Fauna Dynamic theme will feature photographs of animals – including both wildlife and pets – and ranging from small (tiny snails) to large (giant whales).

Critters of all kinds populate this free theme for Windows 7, including giraffes, whales, snakes, peacocks, and foxes. Download it now and you may see a few surprises, too. (Is that a teeny little snail riding on another snail?) This theme updates automatically through an RSS feed.


Download Fauna Dynamic theme

Enjoy these beautiful Windows themes, and let us know which one is your favorite theme.

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