CCleaner for Mac OS X [Freeware]

Piriform, the developers of the popular Windows system cleanup software, CCleaner, has released a Mac version of it. CCleaner for Mac is a very good companion for OS X users and is nearly as full-featured as its Windows counterpart.

CCleaner for Mac is a freeware application that can clean up junk files that takes up a bit of disk space, from all corners of your Mac OS X as well as some popular web browsers with a single click. Further, it lets you uninstall apps from your Mac, repair permissions, erase free space and manage browser cookies.

The app can free up disk space and maintain privacy by emptying out the trash as well as clearing out the temporary folder and logs such as recent documents, applications and servers. The app supports Safari, Google Chrome, Opera  and Firefox. It can erase caches, browsing history, cookies and download history.


The app also offers cookie management, which allows you to choose to keep all of your cookies, some cookies for persistent logins, or clear all cookies (default). Some advanced features included are repair the permissions on your Mac filesystem, wipe free space and clean Chrome’s omnibox.


You can control all the options by simply selecting the check boxes. So, if you want to keep some data which you need, such as form data, simply leave the option unchecked in the application and it will not touch it.

How to install CCleaner for Mac?

Installing the app is typical to how you install apps in your Mac. You just need to drag the icon to an alias of the Applications folder. You can also install the app easily from the Mac App Store.

How to use CCleaner for Mac?

The functionality of the app and the UI is like CCleaner for Windows. The basic functionality is as follows.

  1. Start by selecting the check boxes to tell the app which parts of the Mac system you want to clean up
  2. Click on the Analyze button to find out which files will be removed and how much disk space will be gained after the operation.
  3. If you are happy with the analysis result, click on the Clean button.

The freeware application only works will run on any Mac with OS X 10.5 or higher. You can download a free copy of the app from the CCleaner for Mac webpage or from the Mac Store.

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