Dexpot: Best Free Virtual Desktop Application for Windows Users

Virtual desktop is one of those kind of features which is enjoyed by Linux users, on contrary Windows (and Mac) users are not so blessed. Virtual desktop manager Dexpot provides you with several ways to manage and organize your Windows.

Dexpot application is undoubtedly the best virtual desktop solution available for Windows. With the addition of Windows 7 plugin SevenDex (ships with Dexpot), you will be able to view Superbar thumbnail Aero Peek access to your virtual desktops. Aside from providing an Exposé-like feature for each desktop, Dexpot also lets you preview all desktops in a similar fashion to Leopard’s Spaces.

Superbar thumbnail Aero Peek

Another cool feature is the Desktop Manager tool is it can dynamically changes icons to display the active program on each desktop.

The sheer number of options available in Dexpot, it can be a little overwhelming, but they are all neatly organized in a way. After running this application, you can set up shortcuts (defaults of Alt-1, Alt-2, etc. are about as fast and convenient as shortcuts get), move windows between desktops, pursue a catalogue of desktops (to see what you’ve got running) — and you can even create ‘rules’, which seem to interact with new apps/windows in strange ways (I haven’t worked it out yet).

Switch Between virtual desktops to keep track of your open windows. Using Dexpot, you’ll considerably increase your workflow.

[ Download Dexpot ] [ Mirror download link from Brothersoft ]

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