Google Drive To Be Launched Next Week With 5 GB Free Storage?

Google Drive, Google’s personal cloud storage service, may launch next week at, according The Next Web (TNW).

TNW claims Google will be giving users 5 GB of storage and will be offered initially free. TNW to support their claims cited a draft release from one of Google’s launch partners for the personal cloud storage service. With all these reports and leaks, its safe to assume that the launch is imminent and an official announcement may soon be heard from Google.

Not only TNW, TechCrunch too got their hands on something which supports this rumor. They found a Google Drive app for Mac OS X through a download link provided by an anonymous source. The app at the moment, doesn’t do much. Google Drive app just displays a message that it is not yet enabled for your account.


The official page at still shows Not Found, Error 404 message. Few months ago, the rumor about Google Drive started to buzz again throughout the tech blogs. But, the app leak and few days back, the accidental leak of Google Drive integration with the online web-based diagramming service Lucidchart, all supports the fact that Google, this time, may be finally ready for the release.

When Google Drive is finally released, Dropbox will be their biggest competitor in cloud storage service. Dropbox currently offers its users 2 GB of free storage and through its referral program, users can get upgrade up to 16 GB of free storage. Google Drive on the other hand will offer 5 GB free storage and free sync service.

Do you think with its current offer, Google Drive can compete with Dropbox? Are you willing to move to Google Drive from Dropbox or will you use both the services? We will like to know your opinions in the comments.

Sources: The Next Web, TechCrunch, The Verge

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