Microsoft Spartan Web Browser Coming In Next Windows 10 Preview Release

Microsoft will kill Internet Explorer web browser in the next upcoming preview release of Windows 10. The new modernized web browser codenamed Project Spartan will replace Internet Explorer. With the final release of Windows 10, users will be finally able to say goodbye to the omnipresent Internet Explorer. Until Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer came bundled with every Windows, released by Microsoft.

Along with the development of the Windows 10, Microsoft is also working on a new modern web browser called Project Spartan. The name of the new web browser is not finalized yet, so we will here refer it as Spartan or Spartan web browser.

Microsoft Spartan Web Browser, Image source: Microsoft

Project Spartan (Microsoft Spartan Web Browser)

Below you can see a brief introduction of Project Spartan (released on January 22, 2015) from official Microsoft Windows Blog:

Project Spartan is the code name for a browser for Windows 10. It has a rebuilt rendering engine, a new look and feel and plenty of productivity features. There were three features that were specifically called out:

Web page interactivity has been looked at, and you can now annotate web pages and share snippets of website with people via email and social media, or add them directly to your OneNote. No need to have to annotate in a separate program, and no need to print screen the whole desktop to then edit out the parts you don’t want.

There is a standardized reading mode with personalisation options, giving you more ways to read content from the web. There’s also a built-in reading list, which can save reading items offline and features support for PDF files, which can also be annotated and shared.

Cortana will also be built into the new browser. She’ll be able to provide smart suggestions for information you might need by anticipating queries, so for example, starting to type “weather” into the search bar will bring up local weather before you finish the word. If you’re waiting for a flight to come in, Cortana will recognise this and provide flight updates without you needing to travel to a specific website. She can also give you opening times and links to menus while looking at restaurants

Microsoft Spartan Web Browser Release

Windows 10

Microsoft, at the Mobile World Congress, has confirmed that Spartan web browser will be included in the next preview release of Windows 10.

Spartan web browser will leave behind all the legacy that its predecessor Internet Explorer carried with it. Anxious users are waiting for Spartan so they can test its performance in real world. As Microsoft has left the legacy code behind everyone is expecting the new browser to use fewer resources and work faster. One of the new feature that will come with Spartan are reading mode with support for inking. Microsoft is betting high both on Windows 10 and Spartan, the future web browser.

Microsoft has not yet disclosed the release date of the next build of Windows 10. Although it may get released by the end of this month.

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