Google Drive Cloud Storage Service Launching Soon

Google Drive the long rumored cloud storage service is finally launching soon, according to WSJ.

If you remember, five years back there was a rumor that Google is launching a cloud storage service. Some coined the term “G Drive” for the service but all went silent as time passed by. At that same time (in 2007), the now popular Dropbox cloud storage service emerged.

Google Drive will compete directly with services like Dropbox and It will possibly offer the service at a lower price compared to what offered by cloud storage services now. Drive will allow users to store files on Google’s servers which will later be accessible from any device connected to the Internet. It will also allow them to easily share the files with others.


Last month, TechCrunch noticed that the error messages on changed to a 404 message. Also the page to Drive’s support page is live, but at the time of writing this post is blank. All this changes only hints Google is preparation for Drive cloud storage launch.


Most probably, Google will offer the service free to most consumers and businesses. But if a user needs more storage space to store large amount of data, Google will charge a fee for it. But according to the undisclosed sources who gave the information to WSJ, the price will be much lower. The Drive service will also compete with Apple’s iCloud, which lets its users store data online but allows them to get access to the service only through Apple devices.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Google Drive service? Let us know through the comments below and let the discussions flow.

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