Dropbox Android App Updated, Dropbox Website Redesigned: It’s Minimal Yet Useful

Dropbox has updated their Android app with new automated photo upload feature, iOS users will soon receive the update.

Dropbox Android App is now available in the Android Market. It enables users to automatically upload their photos to the cloud while also giving them 500MB free extra cloud space, up to 3GB in total.

Automated photo uploads are coming to the desktop as well. But the desktop apps are not yet ready for prime time. When they are ready, you’ll be able to directly upload photos to the cloud from the camera connected to your computer.

Along with the updated Android app, Dropbox has also revealed a redesigned website. Thanks to its minimalistic look it feels more like an app. The new website emphasizes on photos, understandable by the recent photo-centric Android app and the upcoming photo-centric Desktop edition.

At this moment not every Dropbox user will notice the new website. Dropbox is testing the website with users those who have activated the automatic photo upload feature. So, if you want to test the new website, simply activate the new automatic photo upload feature.

dropbox loves photos

Image Credit: Dropbox

Jeff Bartelma at Official Dropbox Blog explained, “Once your photos have been automatically uploaded to Dropbox, you’ll be able to check them out using a sneak peek of our new website. The new dropbox.com makes it way more fun and easy to flip through your pictures, where they’ll be as big and beautiful as your screen allows.”

The web interface is greatly optimized and has a feel like a native app instead of a webpage. It’s now easy to browse folders, copy files and so on. Click on the images below to take a quick tour of the new improved Dropbox web interface.

Google is already getting ready with Google Drive to compete with Dropbox. There are already many cloud storage services competing directly with Dropbox, but its the ease of use that makes Dropbox unique in its own way. And with these new improvements, Dropbox is surely give the competition a tough challenge while keeping their loyal users happy.

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