How to Quickly Reboot / Shutdown Windows 8?

Windows 8’s new user-interface changes most traditional ways users used to interact with Windows. With the removal of some basic Windows elements, like the Start Menu, most users are now installing third-party apps to handle the job.

Windows 8 also lacks a quick way to shutdown (turn off) or restart the computer. Windows 7 had the quickest way to shutdown and restart the computer. But the lack of quickly doing this in Windows 8 surprises many. For most users who are not tech-savvy this is very confusing. Also Windows 8 won’t boot you directly to the desktop.

Back to the topic, users who have tested the upcoming operating system will agree that switching off or rebooting in Windows 8 takes more than a few clicks. Well after tinkering a lot, I have found out few ways which may help you quickly reboot or shutdown Windows 8.

How to Quickly Switch Off or Restart Windows 8?

When you are in the initially called Metro UI, move your mouse to the right-corner of the screen. Now, from the Charms bar click on Settings.


You will now see the dedicated power button. Click on the power button to get access to the option to either reboot or shutdown Windows 8.


Another option to quickly shutdown Windows 8 is to press CTRL + ALT + DEL. At the right-bottom of the screen, you’ll see the shutdown option.


If you are in the classic desktop of Windows 8, you can press ALT + F4 to get access to the shutdown Windows 8, switch user, sign out and restart Windows 8.


The new user-interface of Windows 8 has more surprises for you. Have you discovered any secrets worth sharing? Share your tips in the comments below.

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