Windows 8 Release Preview Download, Now Available

The next milestone of the highly anticipated Windows 8 operating system, Windows 8 Release Preview is now available to download. With the near-final Windows 8 build released publicly, we can now better understand the changes Microsoft has made to make desktop and tablet users happy. This is the final pre-release of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Windows 8 Release Preview includes Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10, new Windows 8 apps for connecting to Hotmail, SkyDrive, and Messenger (and many more), and hundreds of new and updated apps in the Windows Store.

Update: Microsoft announces Windows 8 RTM (Release to Manufacturing)

Since the February release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which was downloaded more than 1 million times in the first 24 hours, Windows 8 has become the most tested Microsoft operating system of all time, and with today’s release, it enters its final phase of development before it releases to manufacturing.


Windows 8 Release Preview comes packed with new apps that includes Bing Travel, News and Sports apps. New Gaming and Music Xbox apps integrates with Zune pass and features notable improvements to Mail, Photos and People apps, which were initially debuted with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Users testing the Windows 8 Release Preview will experience thousands of refinements. Improvements such as increased personalization options for the Start screen, improved multi-monitor support, refinements to the way people find and download apps through the Windows Store, and new Family Safety features will surely be liked by many users.

Internet Explorer 10 included in the Windows 8 Release Preview redefines browsing, particularly for touch-enabled devices. A touch-friendly and power-optimized Adobe Flash Player is now integrated into Internet Explorer 10. Do Not Track is set to “on” in Internet Explorer 10 by default, giving users more choice and control over their privacy.

The Release Preview (build 8400) was compiled over a week ago. The next milestone of Windows 8 after Windows 8 Release Preview will be obviously Windows 8 RTM (Release to Manufacturing).

Download Windows 8 Release Preview

Windows 8 Release Preview is available for download in 14 languages at If you want to download Windows 8 Release Preview ISO, click here. Microsoft promises a fast and fluid experience, along with a new user interface that responds equally well to touch as it does to keyboard and mouse.

Source Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview

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