DropIt: Freeware File Organizer That Keeps All Computer Files Organized


Compared to the past, hard disk storage space is cheap today. Almost all notebooks, laptop or desktop computers comes with hard disks capacity of more than 500 GB, some are even more than 1 TB of storage space. It's good in a way to have gigabytes of space to store your HD movies collection, music … [Read more...]

CCleaner 3.25 Update Brings Chrome Extension Management Capabilities

CCleaner Update

CCleaner 3.25, the latest build of Windows freeware cleaning tool has been released by Piriform. Over the years it has evolved, adding new features with each update. It started its journey as a temporary file cleaner for Windows. As new features are getting added with each new update, CCleaner is … [Read more...]

Pokki Beta Now Includes Windows 8 Start Menu Replacement, Lets You Directly Boot Into Desktop


Do you remember Pokki, the unique app launcher for Windows users, we recommended earlier? Pokki lets you download and run various web apps from Windows Taskbar. Some popular apps available via its app store are Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Angry Birds, etc. We know all this about the app already. So, … [Read more...]

KeePass Password Manager Keeps All Your Passwords Secure N Safe


The Internet has expanded into every aspects of our day-to-day life. We are now dependent more over online cloud-based services then we used to just few years back. Everything related to our personal and professional life is getting synced to the cloud. The benefits of this transition has also … [Read more...]

Run Android Apps On Computer Using BlueStacks


Ever wondered about running Android apps on computer? Using BlueStacks, you can easily run Android apps on your desktop Windows PC or laptop. BlueStacks is not a virtual machine (VM) as such but it essentially runs an emulation of the Android Dalvik (also a VM) on top of Windows. The … [Read more...]

View, Backup, Export Outlook Address Book Using OutlookAdressBookView


OutlookAddressBookView, is a portable application for the Windows platform. With the help of OutlookAddressBookView app, Outlook users can view the details of all recipients stored in their Microsoft Outlook address book. The application displays all fields of a contact in a tabular format which is … [Read more...]

CCleaner Now Fully Supports Windows 8, Windows Server 2012


Piriform have released an update to CCleaner, its popular system cleaning application, incrementing the version number to 3.22. Microsoft already released Windows 8 RTM version to IT professionals and developers via MSDN and TechNet. Now software developers can upgrade their software so it can run … [Read more...]

Paragon Image Backup For Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Supports ReFS


Windows 8 comes with its own built-in backup function, titled, File History. File History automatically backs up your Desktop, Libraries, Contacts, IE Favorites, and Microsoft SkyDrive. If you ever lose data due to some mishap or change any file content stored in one of these locations, you can use … [Read more...]

OpenDNS DNSCrypt: Encrypt DNS Traffic, Secure Yourself From Eavesdropping, Man-in-the-middle Attacks

OpenDNS DNSCrypt for Windows

OpenDNS DNSCrypt is an open-source DNS encryption tool. In layman terms, DNSCrypt is a tool for securing communications between a client and a DNS resolver (more on this later). Basically, it secures your connection from eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks. Thus, hugely increasing your web … [Read more...]

Bitdefender USB Immunizer: Protect Windows From Autorun.inf Threats


Windows users always had to deal with malware which spreads by exploiting the autorun feature. Some of the most notorious malware including the famous Conficker worm exploited this feature of Windows to spread across so fast. Microsoft introduced the autorun feature back with Windows XP to help … [Read more...]