Latest Speccy Update Restores Windows 10 Compatibility, Supports New Intel Processors

Piriform has released a new update of Speccy, bumping the version number to 1.29. If you have never heard about Speccy, it is a useful freeware Windows application that helps you get insight about your computer system. Simply speaking, it is a system information tool for Windows users.

According to the official blog, Speccy 1.29 comes with improved Windows 10 compatibility. It has also improved support for the latest Intel Skylake and Broadwell processors. In addition to the above notable improvements, Speccy 1.29 also strengthens hardware detection with its updated hardware detection algorithm.

Other changes and improvements includes improved Peripheral and Network Adaptor detection, improved localization and language support. Some minor GUI improvements and bug fixes are also included in the latest version.

latest speccy update

Speccy promotes itself as lightweight, advanced yet easy-to-use system information tool for Windows PCs. It lets users, even novice users to get an overview and detailed information about all the system and hardware components and peripherals connected to the PC easily. Features like exporting a report in XML or TXT format for sharing is available. This report will come handy when you need tech support for system diagnostics.

We have covered Speccy earlier here, since it was released as beta version. It has come a long way improving both its stability and performance. Prior versions of Speccy were removed by Windows 10 during the upgrade process due to compatibility issues. With the latest Speccy update, compatibility has been updated with the latest build (10586) of Windows 10.

Speccy is available both in standard installer format and portable application format. It comes in three editions, Speccy Free, Speccy Pro and Speccy Business edition. You can download Speccy Installer or Speccy Portable from the official builds page.

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