How To Add Custom Folders To Quick Access (Favorites) In Windows

Starting from Windows 7, Microsoft included a nice feature in Windows Explorer called Favorites. In Windows 10, it has been renamed as Quick Access. It allows you to quickly access certain folder locations quickly. In Windows 10, Microsoft even opens it by default when you launch Explorer or This PC.

You will find Quick Access (or Favorites) in the Navigation Pane of Windows Explorer in Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10. By default, Microsoft shows you some predefined locations in there. If you do not want them, you can easily remove them. In this post, in addition to how to add custom folders we will also show you how to remove predefined Quick Access (or Favorite) folders.

How To Add Custom Folders to Favorites (or Pin to Quick Access) In Windows?

There are many ways to add custom folders to Favorites or Quick Access in Windows. We will discuss here about them one by one.

1: Right-Click Method to Add Custom Folders

The easiest way to add custom folder location is to open the location in Explorer, right-click on Quick Access and select Pin current folder to Quick Access.

Pin Current Folder to Quick Access

Tip! In Windows 10, you can also right-click in any blank space inside the folder and select Pin to Quick Access.

Pin to Quick Access

If you use Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1, you need do the same except that instead of Quick Access you should read it as Favorites. Open the folder location you want to add in Explorer, right-click on Favorites and select Add current location to Favorites.

Add Current Location to Favorites

2: Drag-Drop Method to Add Custom Folders

The second method is much easier if you do not have any problem dragging and dropping folders. Just drag the folder you want to add to Quick Access (or Favorites) and it will be pinned (or added) there. But take care not to drop it elsewhere otherwise Windows will create a shortcut from that location.

How To Remove Default Folders From Favorites (or Unpin from Quick Access) In Windows?

If you do not want the default locations that are available in Quick Access (or Favorites), you can remove them very easily. The default locations accessible through Quick Access (or Favorites) are Desktop, Downloads and some others that differs according to the Windows version you use.

To delete the default locations from Favorites (or as Unpin from Quick Access in Windows 10), right-click on the location and select Remove or Unpin from the context menu.

Remove from Favorites

Tip: Restore Default Folders

If you want to restore back the default locations without removing any custom folders, right-click on Favorites and select Restore favorite links. This option is not available in Windows 10.

Restore Previous Version

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