GWX Control Panel Update Makes Sure You Do Not Receive Accidental Windows 10 Upgrade

GWX Control Panel is one of the most popular app among Windows users to fight against Microsoft’s aggressive Windows 10 upgrade campaign. GWX Control Panel helps Windows 7, Windows 8.1 users prevent their PCs from being automatically upgraded to Windows 10. The program received an update today with additional new options. According to its developer, the new update makes the app much more effective and protects its users against any accidental Windows 10 upgrade.

GWX Control Panel: Prevent Windows 10 Accidental Upgrade

When you update GWX Control Panel, you will notice few new buttons. One of the newly added button, “Delete Windows 10 Programs,” which according to the developer, should help users delete all files related to Windows 10 upgrade. This button will also remove any scheduled tasks that might upgrade your PC.

GWX Control Panel

Explaining the new “Delete Windows 10 Programs” button, the developer said, “the notorious KB3035583 Windows Update patch installs a number of programs that are scheduled to run in the background on a schedule prescribed by Microsoft. One or two of these scheduled tasks in some of the more recent versions of this update have been confirmed to reset some of the settings that can trigger Are Windows 10 Upgrades Allowed to register Yes, and they will change this setting every time they run.”

GWX Control Panel v. can now check your Windows Update settings and allows you to easily edit it. This is an important inclusion knowing that Microsoft is soon going to make Windows 10 upgrade a recommended download for everyone.

GWX Control Panel - Windows Update settings

With automatic Windows Updates, your PC will download Windows 10 upgrade without even notifying you about it. Keeping a check of Windows Update settings will thus help you from accidentally upgrading to Windows 10.

According to the developer, the recommended course of action that GWX Control Panel users should follow is: Add the DisableOSUpgrades registry value to stop Windows 10 upgrade notification nag by clicking on the “Prevent Automatic Windows 10 Upgrades” button. Next, the user should consider adjusting their Windows Update settings and/or using the “Delete Windows 10 Programs” button to stop Windows from altering these settings behind your back.

There are many more detailed information available at the developer’s website related to the different functions of the app. Overall, GWX Control Panel is no doubt the best apps to prevent your PC from getting upgraded to Windows 10. If you love Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and do not want to upgrade to Windows 10, download the app now to protect yourself from Microsoft’s aggressive upgrade campaign.

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