Starter: Take Control Over Windows Startup, Services, Processes

Starter is a freeware portable application that functions as a startup manager, Windows service manager and process monitor. It is very small but very powerful in functionality.

As you go on installing new applications in Windows, some of them are configured to launch themselves when Windows starts up. This slows up the start-up process and you end up hogging your system resources. You can use Starter to remove any unneeded program that is in your startup list so that it doesn’t run on startup any more and you gain back system performance.


Using Starter is pretty straight forward, you just have to deselect those apps which you don’t want. If are confused with any entry you can take the help of Google to get more info. Starter will help you with detailed information about the applications including where they are located in the hard-disk. Starter also lists all startup entries, including hidden registry entries as well as common startup folder items.

Starter doubles up as a very good process monitor. You can use it to list all the running process including details such as their current memory use, process priority, thread counts, and DLL. It also lets you stop selected process (even a Windows NT service, if you are having enough access rights).


Starter also comes with a very good, advanced service manager (better than Windows service manager).

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