Wondershare Time Shuttle: Innovative Windows System Recovery Software

Wondershare Time Shuttle is a very powerful and convenient, all-round system restore, drive data recovery and file recovery software. When you compare Time Shuttle with other backup and restore software, you will find that Wondershare Time Shuttle executes backup and restore faster. It is a multi-snapshot backup software and even allows you to repudiate what you have restored and go back. Wondershare Time Shuttle is also able to do individual file recovery without restoring the computer system data like other software does.

Time Shuttle also uses a different concept for system backup. Instead of copying data, it takes snapshots of the current hard disk partition and map’s indexing system. In simple layman term, a snapshot is a “picture” of the PC and is not conventional backup files and doesn’t contain hard disk data itself. Since, these snapshots don’t take up any space in the hard disk, you can create and restore from 1,000 different snapshots, enabling users to jump between the snapshots according to their needs.

time shuttle

All data on Wondershare Time Shuttle protected drives are well protected. Thus no matter what you have done on the drive after you delete a file on it, you can easily get it back, no need to worry whether its place have been overwritten. Even if you cover a file with another file with the same name, you can get the old version back. That’s why we can use Time Shuttle to recover files in any conditions. Before using it to restore system, we first need to create snapshots (backup) which serves as a restore point. The time required to take a snapshot is usually 5 seconds depending on your system. Then, when you need to “go back”, just select a snapshot and reboot your computer. In 20 seconds, the time shuttle will restore Windows to the time as the snapshot records.



  • 5 Seconds to backup system and all data in the form of snapshot
  • Up to 1000 snapshots can be created with NO disk space taken
  • 20 Seconds to restore Windows from selected snapshot
  • Remove virus, spyware, Trojan and other malware and fix sick system
  • Get damaged, deleted, lost data back on protected drives in 20 seconds

The user manual provided by this software is also good. You can find a walk-through on how to use Time Shuttle in different situations here.

Note: If you are using the free licensed Wondershare Time Freeze, then you have to uninstall it first before installing Wondershare Time Shuttle to prevent possible system conflict.

If you are looking for a fast, easy to use all-round system restore, drive data recovery and file recovery software then give Wondershare Time Shuttle a try, you won’t be disappointed. You can download the trial version good for 30 days. What’s more? You can get Wondershare Time Shuttle for a flat 30% off on the retail price of $69.95 if you buy it now from Wondershare.

Wondershare Time Shuttle can be used in both 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows 7/XP/Vista, and Windows 2000/ NT 4.0/98/ME.

[ Download Wondershare Time Shuttle ]

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