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Bypass Geoblocking to Access Region-Blocked Online Streaming Content Using UnoTelly SmartDNS

In this age of technology, where accessing content is so easy and universal, geoblocking content is something that goes against it. The whole concept of region-block or geo-block or geoblocking of content goes against the open nature of the internet. Today, anyone with an internet connection can get access to any kind of content except for content that is geoblocked. Generally, copyright holders enforce geoblocking to have different licensing schemes across different countries. Through geoblocking, they intend to increase their profit margin much more. But isn’t this whole concept discriminating? Yes it is. Thus, it is not a surprising fact that the...

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Firefox 38 Comes With Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Mozilla Firefox web browser now comes with built-in Digital Rights Management (DRM) so that users can play DRM-protected HTML5 video/audio without the need of any additional plug-ins. Before the release of Firefox 38, users were unable to play any DRM-protected HTML5 video and audio directly. Thus if a user for instance wanted to use a streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, they had to install the Adobe Flash or Silverlight extension. Now with built-in DRM support the installation of the additional plugins is unnecessary. To offer built-in DRM support Mozilla will use Adobe Primetime, a content decryption module (CDM). Earlier,...

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Microsoft Spartan Web Browser Coming In Next Windows 10 Preview Release

Microsoft will kill Internet Explorer web browser in the next upcoming preview release of Windows 10. The new modernized web browser codenamed Project Spartan will replace Internet Explorer. With the final release of Windows 10, users will be finally able to say goodbye to the omnipresent Internet Explorer. Until Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer came bundled with every Windows, released by Microsoft. Along with the development of the Windows 10, Microsoft is also working on a new modern web browser called Project Spartan. The name of the new web browser is not finalized yet, so we will here refer it...

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Download Skype 6.1 For Windows, Mac

Skype, the popular VoIP application has been updated for both the Windows and Mac platform to Skype 6.1. The latest Skype update brings a number of stability and performance improvements along with it. Skype is the exact build number of the desktop application which is released for the Windows platform. Skype is the build which is released for the Apple Mac platform. Skype 6.1 for Windows Desktop According to the official change log, Skype 6.1 for Windows Desktop now comes with Outlook integration, new profile area and add contact experience. A number of issues has been fixed in the latest version of Skype...

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Facebook Messenger for Windows Officially Released

Facebook has released its first Windows desktop app, Messenger for Windows. Facebook Messenger for Windows allows Facebook users to see and respond to their activity, including chat messages. The application will allow users to keep up with their friends and Facebook activity directly from the desktop. Facebook Messenger app is already available for iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms, and allows users to quickly chat with friends, share their location or photos and more. The desktop version, unfortunately, does not feature video chat and is limited to Windows 7. Facebook has hinted that other operating systems will be supported soon. The app was earlier leaked in December last year and then Facebook made the app available to the public. But than it was than in beta stage. Now, Facebook has finally released the application officially. “You should be able to stay in touch anytime, no matter what you’re doing,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “So today we’re introducing Messenger, a new app that brings Facebook to your desktop.” Messenger automatically updates itself and provides the three basic Facebook features: chat, ticker feed and notifications. When you first launch the app, Facebook will ask you to login. After login, you will be able to use Messenger to see and respond to conversations. When you’re finished you can log out from within the application or right-click on the tray icon and select the log out option. Facebook’s...

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Dropbox Android App Updated, Dropbox Website Redesigned: It’s Minimal Yet Useful

Dropbox has updated their Android app with new automated photo upload feature, iOS users will soon receive the update. Dropbox Android App is now available in the Android Market. It enables users to automatically upload their photos to the cloud while also giving them 500MB free extra cloud space, up to 3GB in total. Automated photo uploads are coming to the desktop as well. But the desktop apps are not yet ready for prime time. When they are ready, you’ll be able to directly upload photos to the cloud from the camera connected to your computer. Along with the updated Android app, Dropbox has also revealed a redesigned website. Thanks to its minimalistic look it feels more like an app. The new website emphasizes on photos, understandable by the recent photo-centric Android app and the upcoming photo-centric Desktop edition. At this moment not every Dropbox user will notice the new website. Dropbox is testing the website with users those who have activated the automatic photo upload feature. So, if you want to test the new website, simply activate the new automatic photo upload feature. Jeff Bartelma at Official Dropbox Blog explained, “Once your photos have been automatically uploaded to Dropbox, you’ll be able to check them out using a sneak peek of our new website. The new makes it way more fun and easy to flip through your pictures, where...

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WebSiteSniffer: Capture All Files Downloaded By Your Web Browser

WebSiteSniffer is a freeware portable packet sniffer tool developed by NirSoft. The application captures all files downloaded by your web browser while you browse the Internet. After capturing the files, it stores them on your hard drive under the folder “Website Files” in the folder where the program resides. WebSiteSniffer allows you to filter the files types which are captured and saved. It offers the following choices: HTML Files, Text Files, XML Files, CSS Files, Video/Audio Files, Images, Scripts, and Flash (.swf) files. By default all supported file types are selected but you can customize it from Options dialog box. While the packet sniffer is capturing the website files, the main window displays general statistics about the downloaded files for every website or host name. The statistic includes the total size of all files (compressed and uncompressed) and the total number of files for every file type (HTML, Text, Images, etc). For effectively capturing, you will need WinPcap packet capture driver. Other options for capturing are Raw Sockets which work in some systems and Network Monitor Driver. You can download WinPcap driver from here. Except the capture driver needed for capturing network packets, WebSiteSniffer doesn’t need any installation process or additional dll files. To start using WebSiteSniffer, simply download it from the developer’s website and extract the archive to a folder of your choice. Now, simply run the executable...

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PicResize: Now Easily Resize, Shrink, Crop Your Pictures Online Free

PicResize is a free online picture resize, shrink, and crop service. Since, it is an online tool, you don’t need to download any special program to run it. You just need to start your favorite browser and visit Pic Resize website to use the free service. For all your simple picture editing requirements, you will not need advanced programs like Photoshop or GIMP, you just need to upload your pictures and do the manipulations online through the free service. PicResize is very easy to use. It provides option to do a quick resize; resize, crop and shrink a single picture; or batch resize multiple pictures online. When you’re all done, you can save your picture as a GIF, JPG, PNG, or BMP and download it or save it to the web. For privacy, PicResize keeps your pictures for 20 minutes for you to download and save it on your hard drive. After 20 minutes the picture(s) are automatically deleted from the server, so you don’t need to worry about your personal stuff being saved on some remote server. How To Use PicResize To Resize, Shrink and Crop Your Pictures? Before performing any of the steps below, you need to visit the PicResize website at Single Picture Mode In Single Picture mode, you can actually crop pictures along with resize or shrink them. You can see the screenshots below for...

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How To Reset Internet Explorer 9 To Its Default Settings (RIES)

If you notice Internet Explorer issues like cannot IE cannot open any website, or browsing through IE is consistently slower than normal even when Internet connection is good, or a recent malware infection has messed up your Internet Explorer settings. Does IE often stops responding, or stops working? Do you receive error messages that show that Internet Explorer has “encountered a problem and needs to close“? Or that a Visual C++ “runtime error” has occurred in Iexplore.exe? It’s time to reset your Internet Explorer to its default settings. After the release of Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft has introduced a single-button reset function for IE which can still be found in IE 9. If that reset button is clicked, it resets IE to Windows or manufacturer’s defaults. Warning: Resetting Internet Explorer is not reversible. After a reset, all previous settings are lost and cannot be recovered. Rather than resetting everything, you might first want to reset specific settings (steps described in the second part of this article). What happens to Internet Explorer 9 when we reset it? What stuff are deleted? Browser history, stored passwords, temporary internet files, cookies, saved form data, typed URL history, websites added to different security zones under Privacy tab and allowed websites in Pop-up blocker. What stuff are reset to defaults? Home page, Security tab settings, Advanced tab settings, Privacy tab settings, Search providers, tabbed browsing settings, colors, fonts, languages and...

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Play Angry Birds Game Free in your Desktop Web Browser

Rovio Mobile, the makers of smash hit mobile game Angry Birds, have unleashed a HTML5 version of the popular game that’s designed to run in Chrome (or Chromium) on any operating system. This release came after an announcement by the makers of the game at Google I/O event. This made Angry Birds, one of the most popular games already available on mobile phones and tablets, available for almost all platforms. The new release was built using WebGL and uses local-caching so players can continue to cause mayhem even when not connected to the internet. The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortified castles. Angry Birds features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 70 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy. If you use Google Chrome web browser, you may be delighted to know that Angry Birds is available for free as a Chrome app. The game features all-new Google Chrome inspired levels. The Mighty Eagle add-on will be available via the new Google Payments in-app purchasing feature at a later date. You can however play the game online using any browser at Rovio now have native support for Angry Birds on...

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