Facebook Messenger for Windows Officially Released

Facebook has released its first Windows desktop app, Messenger for Windows.

Facebook Messenger for Windows allows Facebook users to see and respond to their activity, including chat messages. The application will allow users to keep up with their friends and Facebook activity directly from the desktop.

Facebook Messenger app is already available for iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms, and allows users to quickly chat with friends, share their location or photos and more. The desktop version, unfortunately, does not feature video chat and is limited to Windows 7. Facebook has hinted that other operating systems will be supported soon.

The app was earlier leaked in December last year and then Facebook made the app available to the public. But than it was than in beta stage. Now, Facebook has finally released the application officially.

“You should be able to stay in touch anytime, no matter what you’re doing,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “So today we’re introducing Messenger, a new app that brings Facebook to your desktop.”


Messenger automatically updates itself and provides the three basic Facebook features: chat, ticker feed and notifications. When you first launch the app, Facebook will ask you to login. After login, you will be able to use Messenger to see and respond to conversations.

When you’re finished you can log out from within the application or right-click on the tray icon and select the log out option. Facebook’s Messenger displays notifications instantly on your desktop for new comments, photo tags, etc, all without having you to keep the browser window open and in view to see updates.

Further, just like the web version where the ticker feed and the chat is stick to the right, you can snap Messenger to the right-side of the screen.

Facebook has hinted that future revisions may offer chatting with multiple friends, video calling features, the ability to limit chat availability and the option to edit your settings from inside the application. Facebook Messenger for Windows is available for download here.

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