PicResize: Now Easily Resize, Shrink, Crop Your Pictures Online Free

PicResize is a free online picture resize, shrink, and crop service. Since, it is an online tool, you don’t need to download any special program to run it. You just need to start your favorite browser and visit Pic Resize website to use the free service. For all your simple picture editing requirements, you will not need advanced programs like Photoshop or GIMP, you just need to upload your pictures and do the manipulations online through the free service.

PicResize is very easy to use. It provides option to do a quick resize; resize, crop and shrink a single picture; or batch resize multiple pictures online. When you’re all done, you can save your picture as a GIF, JPG, PNG, or BMP and download it or save it to the web. For privacy, PicResize keeps your pictures for 20 minutes for you to download and save it on your hard drive. After 20 minutes the picture(s) are automatically deleted from the server, so you don’t need to worry about your personal stuff being saved on some remote server.

How To Use PicResize To Resize, Shrink and Crop Your Pictures?

Before performing any of the steps below, you need to visit the PicResize website at www.picresize.com.

Single Picture Mode

In Single Picture mode, you can actually crop pictures along with resize or shrink them. You can see the screenshots below for an overview on how it works.

After selecting the picture using the Browse button, click on continue.


Now,you can crop the picture, resize it, apply special effects. After that select the file format of the picture to save as. Click on the big “I’m Done, Resize My picture” button to save your pictures.


Quick Resize Mode

  1. Click on the down arrow next to the “or Quick Resize” link.pic-resize-quick-resize
  2. Now, browse to upload the picture you want to resize.
  3. Choose from the various resize options available.
  4. If you want to give your picture some special effects, select any one of the special effects available.
  5. Choose the file format to save the newly created picture.
  6. Finally, press the “Resize Pic” button and PicResize will in seconds complete the task.
  7. The browser reloads and PicResize will show you both the original picture size and the newly created one.
  8. From here, you can either see a preview of the resized picture, save it to your hard disk, save to the web or do advanced picture editing using their DrPic.com service (more on that later in another article).picresize-quic-resize

Multi Picture Mode

In this mode you can batch upload many pictures and resize them. Simply add the pictures that you want to resize, select the size for all pictures, select the file format and click on “Batch Resize” button.


After a few moments, PicResize will offer you a zip archive containing all the resized pictures for downloading.

PicResize is a simple to use free online picture manipulator service which is worth trying out. If you use some other online service for the same work, share it with us. We will love to hear back.

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