How To Get Old Google Results Page Back?

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11 Responses

  1. Brad says:

    Or just use an alternative search engine like

  2. Patrick says:

    how can I get old google back in firefox and opera?

    • Bob Thurman says:

      how do I get my old igoogle home page back I like it and If I can’t get it back I will go the an onther website. so tell me if i’m going to get it back

  3. Antiqueight says:

    Thank you so much for this – the new results page was making it impossible for me to find anything. If Google keep this page and lose the classic search page I will be forced to give up on Google. They make it very hard to stay with them when they keep changing the appearance of the user interface. Once I have gotten used to the interface one way, to change to a new one takes time and effort I really don’t have to spare.

    Subtle changes are one thing, totally redoing the results page is infuriating. Your help on this is greatly appreciated.

  4. Dave says:

    For adding a solution wqhich doesn’t accept the keyword provided to your own clients/users a C-
    For removing the “search within results” button I am expelling you after 9 years and litterally millions of searches…
    I am a buyer in the contracting industry. When I needed it I went to Google, then kept narrowing the field of responses until I found what I was looking for…now that is gone and so am I.

  5. Sad Googler says:

    Don’t like the new Google, especially the Google intrusion on the left side of the page when search results come up. I am going to take Brad’s suggestion and try Duckduckgo. It looks easy like the wonderful old Google.

  6. heather says:

    hi yes i like the old google also i found it much faster and easy to use the new google is very slow and i found it crashies or the time when you are try to open a page i want to go back to the old google

  7. Dan B arry says:

    Please give me my old gmail format back !!!!!

  8. sathish says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing.Completely relieved.

  9. voxmagna says:

    Thanks for the previous comments. But what I want back is the Advanced search page from this url which has been my browser home page for years.

    IE6 (!) is working for me, but Firefox from V3 upwards is the new style with all the idiot guided help on the right of each input box.

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