Microsoft Download Manager

Microsoft has released a free download manager, dubbed the Microsoft Download Manager, is designed to integrate seamlessly with Windows 7. It is now available as free download from Microsoft. Microsoft Download Manager utility is designed to help users control their downloads beyond the boundaries of the browser. It is specifically designed for downloads from Microsoft pages on the Internet but it can be used for any HTTP based downloads.

The Microsoft Download Manager enables you to download files from the Internet in a more reliable and faster way than using a browser alone. Using the Download Manager makes it easier to download large files such as an application or multimedia files.

More often than not, when users try downloading very large files, they face all kinds of problems, especially in the context of an unreliable connection. In such situations a download manager comes to rescue the user and helps the user to complete any download tasks, a feature which is missing in the browsers.

Microsoft Download Manager

Upon installation users will find that Microsoft Download Manager features basic download manager functionality. The basic interface enables the user to add, pause, resume and delete downloads. Users can open the download folder after the download is complete. It also allows for some customization, featuring options such as the number of automatic retries, and the maximum number of simultaneous connections (up to 16 simultaneous connections). It also allows the user to configure a destination folder for the downloads or a proxy server for the application to use.

Microsoft Download Manager is a lightweight program and the download size is only 1.1 MB, which can be attributed to the lack of many advanced features. Microsoft Download Manager will be good enough for users who download files mostly from Microsoft website and occasionally from the Internet.

Microsoft Download Manager can be downloaded directly from Microsoft. Microsoft Download Manager supports not only Windows 7, but also for Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2 and SP3. Microsoft Download Manager is designed to work with Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 3, Firefox 2.

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