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guzzleParis-based Lemonchik has announced the release of Guzzle 2.0, the new version of the elegant topic-based single page news aggregator. Guzzle constantly monitors hundreds of hand-picked feeds and lets you create a page displaying regularly updated news about topics you are interested in.

Guzzle is now powered by its new back-end, Nibble, which has been rewritten from scratch. Nibble is notified in real-time by receiving PubSubHubbub notifications and every story is automatically processed with Reuters Calais technology, adding rich semantic encoding information. There’s also a new user interface, categories and archives. A fresh new “Extended Mode” view is also available for a more magazine-like experience, with large images and visible source, author and description.

I am already loving Guzzle’s clean, cool, intuitive, customizable news dashboard. You can set up Guzzle lightning fast and then can use it for finding and reading news and blog posts that are hyper-relevant. Best of all, it allows for multiple fields of interest and creative layouts. And who knows, Guzzle might just change the way you read the Internet?


Without any need for an account creation, users are free to search for topics. After that, the users can group as many topics as they like or use separators to segregate different types of content. Guzzle then searches down rich content for you, excluding all kinds of spams. Guzzle can also suggest keywords for you. You can view the screen cast of Guzzle for an overview of how it works.

Another feature of Guzzle that every iPhone user will love is Guzzle’s mobile app. The user interface is so carefully crafted and its so clean and intuitive just like its desktop web-version counterpart. See the screenshots below:


Starting Guzzle




Viewing Experience


Full view



Without doubt, it’s nicely put-together and is a great offering overall. I suggest you give it a shot, and please leave your opinion in the comments!

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