Microsoft has released a new smartphone app titled “Switch to Windows Phone” for Android users. This new application will allow Android users to easily move from Android to Windows Phone platform. The software giant is all set to launch Windows 10 on July 29, 2015. Unlike the desktop version of the operating system, Windows 10 Mobile will not be available for download on July 29. Microsoft wants to first make sure that all apps and services are ready before the mobile version of the operating system is released.

If you remember, few days ago we reported that Apple is going to release Move to iOS app for Android users with iOS 9 release. That app will allow potential Android users willing to switch to iOS platform, to easily move from Android to iOS. You will be surprised to know that Apple is not the first company who came up with an app like this.

In fact, Microsoft’s new Switch to Windows Phone app is a new preview version of an already available app for Android users. Unfortunately for Microsoft, that app is not so popular among Android users. Microsoft wants to play its game again to gain new Windows Phone users from Android platform with the release of Windows 10. Thus they released a new preview version of the application.

Move from Android to Windows Phone using official Switch to Windows Phone App

Switch to Windows Phone app allows Android users to easily switch to Windows Phone

Switch to Windows Phone app allows you to move from Android to Windows Phone platform. Image by Microsoft.

Launching the app, Microsoft said, “In the Android app “Switch to Windows Phone,” we are offering you two ways to move your data from an Android phone to Windows Phone. You need this WP app if you choose WiFi way in the Android app.”

If you already own a Windows Phone running Windows 8, you can use the WP app to create backup copy of personal data. You’ll be able to move all contacts, text messages, photos, videos, and music directly using virtual Wi-Fi. You won’t need any real network device like a Wi-Fi router or any account to use these features.

Microsoft’s preview release of Switch to Windows Phone application is available for download via the Windows Phone Store and Google Play Store. If you have a device that is powered by Windows 8 or later, you can download Switch to Windows Phone free via Windows Phone Store. Your Android device on th other hand should run Android 4.0.3 or later so that you can download and install Switch to Windows Phone application for free via Google Play Store.

So, are you ready to move from Android to Windows Phone? Share your thoughts below.


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