Move to iOS App Allows Android Users Wirelessly Migrate to iPhone

Apple’s new iOS 9 boasts a lot of new features and improvements. If you are following Apple’s keynote at its Worldwide Developers Conference, you are already aware about many of them. Apple missed to mention a few features. One of them is the Move to iOS app which allows Android users to easily move to iOS device like iPhone pain-free.

The upcoming iOS 9 is set to launch this fall. It will be offered as a free upgrade to all iOS users who have a supported iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch device. With Move to iOS app, Apple is making it super easy for Android users to switch to iOS. This feature is not highlighted that much on Apple’s iOS 9 web page at this moment. Its tucked at the bottom of the page, with the description that says that Move to iOS app will allow Android users to “wirelessly switch” to iOS.

Introduction: Move to iOS app

Easily Move to iOS from Android using Move to iOS app

Easily Move to iOS from Android using Move to iOS app

Move to iOS app will wirelessly transfer everything that is important from your Android device to your new iPhone. It will easily transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, browser bookmarks, calendars, email accounts, wallpapers, e-books and DRM-free music. It will not transfer DRM protected content like music and e-books. Additionally, it will also help you get free apps (or equivalent alternative apps) from Apple’s App Store that you were using on your Android device. And for premium paid apps (or equivalent alternative apps), it will automatically add them to your iTunes wish list.

How to use Move to iOS app to switch from Android to iOS?

According to the brief description available on Apple’s website, you need to download the free Move to iOS app to your Android smartphone. After installation, it will start moving all the important things that matters to you from your Android phone to your new iPhone. The transfer process is done wirelessly, so you don’t need to connect the devices manually using any data cable or follow any hard-to-configure instructions. Apple didn’t mention what type of wireless connection it will use, but it’s very likely WiFi or Bluetooth as both of the platform supports them.

Apple did not mention any specific launch date of this and the other new features, but it’s expected to arrive with the arrival of iOS 9 later this year.

Image source, Source: Apple iOS 9 preview website

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